Theme Songs

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I think a theme song makes TV series. It adds impact to the story line, like how much I fell in love with One Tree Hill in my college days because of the Peyton Sawyer soundtracks from Dashboard, Fall Out Boy, Augustana, etc. And since series are all the rage again because of the new seasons, I have my own list of favorite themes from my different all-time favorite series:

1) I Don't Wanna Be - Gavin de Graw
From One Tree Hill. I miss the OTH barkada. I loved the first seasons when they were still in high school, and basketball was the biggest thing. ;p I think I stopped watching after the fourth season, when they're starting to have families and babies...Though it's nice to know the careers they took after "watching them grow" in high school...Like Brooke and her magazine and Clothes Over Bros. :)

I have to say it's the show where we can in one way or another relate to a character or two. There's always a battle if you're a Peyton, Brooke, or Haley. Or if you're meant for a Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, or even Mouth and Skills! :)) I guess they were the most real characters I have encountered in a series. How are they anyway? (Brooke Davis fan forever and ever!)

"I'm tired of looking 'round rooms wonder what I gotta do,
Or who I'm supposed to be,
I don't wanna be anything other than me"

2) The Big Bang Theory - Barenaked Ladies
Another show that I really miss! I love the awkward geeks Leonard and Sheldon and their witty hirits. I stopped my marathon of Big Bang when Ana realized that our pirated copies were incomplete (haha). :p  Surely, I know I am up for good entertainment when I hear the opening song: Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait...
Hope I can find a complete copy soonest! :))

3) Hey, Beautiful - The Solids
For me, the theme song that is most legen-wait for it-dary! When you hear the "pa pa pa pa" you already know you are in for the antics of the craziest TV barkada since Friends. The crazy and lovable couple Marshall and Lily. The awesome Barney Stinson. The cool Canadian (I wanna be her) Robin Scherbatsky--the character that I will always wish is the "Mother" haha, although the thing with her and Barney is also nakakakilig. And of course, Ted Mosby--and his love story that we wanna see the ending, or maybe not because we wouldn't want How I Met Your Mother to end just yet. :))

This show is too influential that a lot of people tend to speak "Barney" on their first catch of the episodes. I am guilty of twitting/having the Face Book status of famous Stinson lines and his Bro Code. I also have my own bright yellow umbrella...maybe hoping that "Ted Mosbys" out there might catch (haha). And of course, who wouldn't want to be their very own HIMYM barkada--complete with a MacLarens-like hangout and the daily dose of beer/alcohol. Too cool for school.

"Gotta walk, gotta list
Gotta hall of fame
I got an asterisk next to your name"

Tell me your favorite series, or songs from these shows you'd place in your own life OST. :))
I really have to find the time to catch up with these before new seasons start!! :D


  1. I love Ted Mosby! I can totally relate to him :)

    I'm a big HIMYM fan, but in terms of songs, I love OTH's songs. I discovered Gavin de Graw's songs and beautiful lyrics through OTH.

    Winner Gavin de Graw songs: "Belief", "More than Anyone" and "Follow Through"

    I also love Haley's songs especially "Let Me Fall" and "Feel This"

  2. Grabe OTH has the best selection of songs and artists noh? :)) Love them, and also Haley's songs kahit the old ones like Stars Go Blue and yun solo sya with just the piano..shucks I forgot the title na :D

  3. yeaaah super panalo talaga yung OTH soundtracks :)Sobrang minahal ko character ni Peyton kasi siya yung may reason for the great songs. Pati yung artist na hinandle ni Peyton sa Season 4 or 5 (yung young na girl) sobrang okay din songs niya :)

    At yung naging guy ni Peyton na may anak? Haha forgot the name. Pero ang ganda rin ng boses niya

  4. Ay oo!! :D Si JAKE! :D Hahah! Tama ba!?? Naalala ko yun young girl, yun ba yung medyo vanessa carlton yun ichura pero rocker-ish?? Nakakamiss naman oth! :D


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