What's in my bag (Anagon's Version :))

Friday, September 24, 2010

My friends wonder what is inside my eternally humongous bag (haha). They want to decipher the cause of its "heaviness", which I always complain about. No, it is not a laptop bag (I wish!). ;p These are the things I lug around every time I go out:

1) An oversized bag. I try my best to have a smaller tote, but my lifestyle needs roomier purse to stash all my things!

2) Packages for delivery. I always go out when I have meet ups with my buyers and suppliers, so my bag is always filled with these goodies to be sent to its owners. Size and amount of packages vary. ;p

3) Accessories. I have my personal bracelets and necklaces tangled with #7, especially when I commute--I don't wear too much trinkets. Well, as much as possible. :)

4) My passport. People are surprised to see that I bring this valuable personal document everyday and everywhere. This is because it is my only valid ID, being Ms.Self-employed. I need this when going inside private buildings where you have to leave an ID, or when I GCash.

5) Wallet. I want to believe in the "swerte" that comes along with having a long and red wallet. :)

6) Cellphone. I love my Nokia E63 for the qwerty design (because it is cool, haha) and wi-fi thing (to check mails while out and about the metro, and also to check my social networking sites haha). I am not techie, so my friends personally picked a nice unit for me and my lifestyle. The color is also a bonus, since I don't want to look all-serious and business-y (which is ironic for someone with a business, haha).

7) Headphones. To entertain me on long commutes. Though sometimes listening to music "separates" me from the "real world", that I sing or bop while crossing the streets or something--haha, I know, weird. ;p

8) Hand Sanitizer. Self explanatory.

9) My camera. Just a photo of the pouch, since I used the cam to take that photo (hehe). I always have my camera ready, for blog-worthy random kodakan! :) 

10) My Medicine "kit". As blogged here.

11) My big notebook. With dividers labeled with: Notes, For Shipping, Meet-ups, and Expenses.

12) My hearts payong. I "lost" my yellow How I Met umbrella (only to find out I just left it in our car :p) and bought this rather expensive umbrella with the free Rob GCs. An umbrella is my must-have, rain or shine! :)

13) Red Make-up Kit. Which contains various kakikayan that I seldom use, like the mascaras, tubes of lipstick or gloss, eyeliners, and eyelash curler. My essentials are my face powder (oiliness in the house yo), Body Shop shimmer (blush?) and fruity lip balm. And also my very "mama/manong" comb. Hehe!

14) A nice book. Catching Fire was my last read. Will get Ana's Mockingjay later, and return this already! :) Yehey, I'm so excited! I love reading! :D

15) (not in photo) An Extra Bag. As if my bag isn't big enough, I also bring an extra tote when I go meet with suppliers. Or when I attempt on shopping without plastic. Emphasis on attempt, because this can be so hard especially when I buy in groceries. :p

No wonder my bag is always heavy, noh? This does not include pa the things I have with me when I sleep over my friend's house! :D

Have a great weekend, guys! :))


  1. So thats what's in your big bag during our meet ups!:) hehe

  2. I love the things in your bag. I always have a camera too. I would be too scared to carry my passport around. You are brave.
    I hope you have a good weekend.


  3. Halos pareho lang tayo ng laging dala sis! Yay for big, pretty totes ;D

  4. i carry a lot of things with me too!!! hahaha

  5. AVA!:D Hahaha! More or less! :D And pag doble pa bags ko, more packages to deliver ;D Hahaha! :D

    Tywo: Hihihi! Thank you! :D If only I can get my hands on another government ID so I wouldnt need to bring my passport! ;p Have a great weekend too sis! :)

  6. Krissy! That's why we're sistahs :) hehe! :D I miss youuu! Ang cute ng pic mo kahit maliit :)))

    Lloyda! :D Hahaha! Our poor shoulders! :D Oh! Will you be coming to the event with Pax also, this tuesday? :))) Yehey!!

  7. Haha, you are such a girl scout! ;) Talagang nagsscroll pa ako pataas para tignan yung accompanying photo per number. :))

  8. This is pretty cool! I might do one as well :) I always lug around a big bag too. (Contrary to my tiny vintage ones in the outfit photos. Mere props. Meh. Wished there was a magic bag that looked small but actually is big in the inside!)

    sPam of Home

  9. Claud: Hahaha!!! :D Palaging handa! ;p Kulang lang jan tissue naubos kasi hehehe ;p Thank youuu!! :))

    Pam! Haha! I love pa naman the small sling vintage bags you have! Baka hindi nga kasya stuff ko haha! And yes..Baka ako pa ang unang bibili nyang magic bag ;) Haha!

  10. Love this blogpost :)
    I just started following you!
    you're awesome <3


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