Anagon Monthly: October 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

photographer: China Muncal
model: Jesrhel Co

Why I will Never "Grow Up"

I remember back in high school, my sisters and I always have this conversation on not wanting to be college students, or in our 20s, because these yuppies look like they're "trying hard" to be kids again. Now that I am one of those "T.H.", I realized that I can't blame these people for not wanting to grow up. It is good (and definitely crazier!) to always be a kid at heart.

In my line of "work", providing the coolest and hippiest accessories to students (my general market) I feel that I am Forever Young. I communicate with teenage girls all-day everyday! Plus, to know what these kids want, I always expose myself to all things "young", just like my monthly intake of teen 'zine Candy

Speaking of the Candy Fair, at the start of the month, Anagon Collection went to its 4th Candy Fair bazaar gig. The (huge!) crowd was composed of teenage girls, who went wild with my long necklaces and rings! I super enjoy this event every year that I actually wish everyday is a Candy Fair day! ;D We spotted a few Anagon sukis in the crowd too, check out this month's Anagon Spotted!

Do read on our other fun features! And I sure hope that although our bodies age, and hopefully our minds also mature in the process, may our hearts continue to be filled with the marvels and wonders only a child can possess. :)


October 2010
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  1. Congrats on another Anagon monthly issue Ana :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Thank you thank you Melai! :) I miss you! See you laterrr!!!

  3. ANA :D follow my spankin' new blog naman!
    haha :) thanks thanks!

  4. Sureeey!!! :))) Following na joyce! :)

  5. I love the DIY part. I'd try creating my own bow ring. :)

  6. Yehey thanks so much tanya! :) Id love to see a photo of your diy :)

  7. Hey! Hope you could adjust the settings on Anagon Monthly so the entries would appear on my dashboard too. Heee. :)

  8. Ay mali, lumalabas pala ata. Yung travel blog mo pala hindi. Kaso when I checked it, 4 months ago pa pala ang last post mo. Sorry Ana, my bad. :)

  9. Hahahah it's ok Claud!!! :)) Shucks havent updated this, time time time!!! :P


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