L'Oreal Black and White Affair

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I got the last-minute e-invite to L'Oreal's Black and White Affair on the night of 10.10.10 (I guess it was a pretty lucky day!). After accomplishing some Anagon Collection tasks the day of the event itself, I allowed myself to go out and attend this 4pm cocktail party.

I was actually lured with the early time (it's so hard to commute at night these days), and of course, the invitation's promise of contests, bloggers campaign, foods, and loads of giveaways! I was also curious on L'Oreal's "new technological breakthroughs in skin care"!

 Pretty and bubbly host Kamae de Jesus. I remember her from her UAAP courtside reporter stint! :)

My Beb (Bloggers Event Buddy! :)) Ava came with me! I really enjoy her fun company. :)

 Ice Breaker: Pinoy Henyo

Although born-KJ (haha), I love that they started with a funny game where everyone participated and tried to get to know more people, even though to me this meant just the girl next to me (hi Angela!).

Competition sparks funny antics and hirits! The best way to awaken a room full of girls is to tell them the winners get a loot bag ...of L'Oreal MAKEUPS! :D

 Team Black's representative, the make up artist Ms. Marj Sia! :) 

Team Black

 My Team White's representative Earth, racking her brains on the word flashed behind her! :)

Team White! :) Got this candid photo in Val Chua's Blog! :)

Alvin Miranda's opening remarks and presentation of L'Oreal's innovation and artistry 

Sep Cimafranca, the man behind the prestigious brand's new product lines: White Perfect Rosy Day Cream (for the ladies) and Pure and Matte Bright Charcoal Black Foam (for men)

 Bloggers enjoying the cocktails and company.

 Something new in a blogger event: They awarded the best dressed! :)

 Another game for everyone: Jeopardy, the L'Oreal version! ;)

 With Ava and our new blogger friend Angela of Lush Angel. She is friendly and sweet. :)

 Nice classy table set-up. :)

 At the end of the program, the hosts told us they wouldn't let us leave without eating!
Yey, I just love good food! =)

 Ava's plate: brownie fudge, egg, and fish fillet with sweet and sour sauce.

Yummy potato soup!

My veg plate: 2 of the relished eggs and 1 brownie fudge.

Just for the record, I didn't win the best dressed thing (oh competitive Anagon, haha). If only I knew about this, kinareer ko outfit ko. Haha! Hey, they gave away L'Oreal GCs!! :D I opted to be a little simple that day, wore a sack-shift black dress which I can wear on a jeep and bus:

Black and White Floral Fedora (Anagon)
Cross Ring (Anagon)
Black Dress (Liberte)
Booties (H&M)

Had a huge black bag with me to keep the flats I wore before and after the event. I changed into my booties in the MRT Ortigas restroom, which I didn't realize was a wrong move since I still had to go down the steep stairs and had a long walk to the venue. ;p The nice lady sweeper caught me struggling while going down the MRT stairs to meet Ava, so I just blurted "Ay napaka hirap naman ng naka high-heels! Pasosyal kasi!" That made her laugh. :) Hid the luggage under the tall cocktails table once inside the venue (hehe). I also did my own makeup, while standing in the MRT! Ang dami kong audience non, haha!

The best part of attending the L'Oreal Black and White Affair? They're so generous and handed everyone freebies-galore! :) 

Assorted products for men and women. Gave the Men's Expert stuff to ate's boyfriend. Haha!

All bloggers got this fancy gift. 
What's inside this gold box? =) Watch out, to be revealed in succeeding blog entries! :)

I remembered during the introduction of the L'Oreal people and products where the speaker Sir Alvin said I believe in the power of blogging. This struck me the most, hearing that "we are worth it", and that a big brand values our opinions and influence. I love it that blogging in Manila is fast booming. 

Once upon a time, circa 2003, I remembered starting my Xanga blog just to have my nice own personal space in the cool "new" online world. Ava and I talked about how this new gig on bloggers events kind-of influenced our posts, now avoiding being too personal or emo. I said I wanted to read-up my old Multiply entries, back during the days where everything is raw and noncommercial. I hope my blog will be successful in carrying more products and services from the very supportive brands--and still, keep the "heart" in it. :)

To all Pinoy Bloggers! :)


  1. You brought up a nice point sis, I love that the blogging community is booming, pero I don't want it to stop me naman from posting personal posts, after all I treat my blog as like an online diary :)

    And sayang talaga, I would have loved to be there with you. Di bale, next time next time. See you tomorrow! (Sana hindi na umulan) ;D

  2. I love all pinoy bloggers!:) hehe and more success to our blogs, ana!:) mine's not really much yet, but i hope it goes far hehe :) i love how you went back to fashion commuter! :) and for the record, your dress is awesome!

  3. Haha! i agree with you about blogs not being emo and raw anymore and I just read my multiply blog too and what I wrote there cracked me up! Haha! Aww, sayang di ako pumunta! (partly kasi akala ko joke lang kasi last minute nga) hahaha!

    oh and i love your boater hat and shift dress! :)

  4. Krissy: "pero I don't want it to stop me naman from posting personal posts" -- I like this :) May we never forget, my fellow long-time blogger! :) heehee! :) Oo nga sana di umulan tomorrow!! :) See youuu!!!

  5. Ava: Hahaha! Thank you so much for always supporting my fashion-whathaveyous! :D I should have worn my bongacious white jumpsuit haha, but thought it wasnt that "elegant"! ;)
    Fun day again with you, cant wait for tomorrow! :)
    And for the record, i think your blog IS great and successful!

  6. April! :D Thankyou for saying that re my dress. I thought of wearing it in the hopes of looking like Mary Kate Olsen--who pulls off even a plain dress, but maybe because she accessorize a lot ;p

    And wow!! Another "sayang di tayo nagkita" event!! :D UAAP, Candy Fair..and this! ;) Haha! Hope to see you soon, though! :)

  7. uy ana! sayang free ako nung monday. haha sana kasama ako aaaw! hehehe :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. Hahaha shucks sayang!!! I was thinking of texting people din but nahihiya rin ako mag invite without go signal from organizers =/...Babawi ako next time sis!!! :)

  9. I was at the event too! I actually noticed you and Ava, nakikita ko kasi kayo sa blog ni Pax but I was too shy to say hello. You and Ava looked very pretty in your black & white outfits :D

    Lee []

  10. Omg sayang!! =D It would have been cool to meet you lee! :) Team white ka or black?? ;) :) It was a cool event noh? =)

  11. Team black ako! We're like the wallflowers of the group, andun lang kami ng friend ko sa likod haha. :D

    PS: Followed you back, thanks! <3

  12. Team kayo yun near loreal!! :D =p I mean, the make up counter!!! :D Sayang hihi! :)) Next time hope to really meet you Lee!, nice din to see fellow bloggers in our little circle (pax, etc..) hehe!! :)))

  13. Hi Ana! It was so nice too meet you and Ava! :D I hope to see you guys in future events. I just hope I get invited again! Hehe!

    Oh, sayang I wasn't able to get the total repair freebies! I use that pa naman! Hehe!

  14. i was at this even too, actually. i was telling teeyah (tara): "i know that girl, i've been to her blog" and when she said "anagon" --- i know her nga! hehehe! didn't get to say "hi" though, cus i didn't wanna surprise you naman! maybe on a next event!

    i think we made our team lose that jeopardy game! i was feeling lucky because on the first game, i was on the other team and we won... i thought that maybe i have the winning charm... but i didn't! hahahaha!

  15. Angela! :D Aww sayang naman!! You left right away noh?? Ganda nga ng loreal sa buhok hehe ;D And it was nice to meet you too! :)) My ate knows youuu!!! :D (kaka of deutsche!!)

  16. Crickette!! Waah!! :D It was great too you won the first round (make ups right?? :D cooool!)... Hope to see you again in future events!!! :) Natuwa naman ako sa inyo ni tara!! =) <3

  17. No!!! Actually, when you guys left, I was still there. Oh well weird! Yah, especially that particular product, total repair, super nice sya! :)

    Kaka?! Yah, I know her! She's your sister pala!!! Hahaha! Small world!!!! Next time, I hope I can join you guys in future events. :D Let me know! :D

  18. it was just mascara and curlash and tweezers.
    and i need curlash and tweezers so i was lucky!!!
    what did they win on the second game? i think it was hair repair thing... tsk tsk!!!

  19. Angela: Wah!! :D Weird nga, oh well, hoping for more events for us!!! :))

    Crickette: Hmm ... I'm not sure, hair repair thing nga ata :) OR GC?? :D Sigh I'd love to have GCs haha! :D


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