Finally, I'm featured! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chesca Sumilang has a new fashion blog! Hope you can check out her first feature, which is about *ahem haha* me!!! :) Yehey thank you Ches! :) <3


Modern hippie Ana Gonzales is 24 years old and is her own boss as she manages her online shop Anagon Collection. Her business has been featured in various magazines and newspapers and is a favorite among local fashion bloggers.
In this feature, she tells us more about new stuff from Anagon Collection. She also tells more about how starting out as a brave odd-ball could later get you far ahead in the Fashion Department.

Photo by Raleene Cabrera. This hippie look is just lovely!

1. What made you decide to put up Anagon Collection?
I started with making tiedye sandos and beaded flipflops. I bring them to school (UST nako nun, 2nd yr college), and literally nag lalako ako ng stuff ko to my friends, and even sa parents ng friends ko (mas supportive hehe). And then on my third yr college someone suggested I make accessories too. Na mas ok sa “paglalako” mode ko since mas magaan hehe. Way back artsy fartsy nako, like art club ako since highschool hehe. And I loved to DIY *kahit ngayon pala hehe* especially before na i am the typical deadbroke student. I enjoyed making my first HUGE earrings (first anagon collection! :)) and wore a pair sa school. then a classmate noticed and asked if where i got them. so i told her i made them myself, tapos pinapadala nako ng mga kaklase ko everyday ng mga accessories. And the rest, as they say, is history. naks!

As someone who is done with school and is not employed, kind words from clients and features like this are medals to me. I think this is the first ever feature for my dear blog! :) I was so excited reading it, and seeing myself in another blog...And also, for learning that people do appreciate my efforts. Hope you can also leave a comment on the comment box para hindi langawin ang lola nyo, hehehe! ;) Love you all, and thank you!!! :) <3 Read the feature here! :) 


  1. congrats Ana for your first feature!:) You deserve it dear!:)

  2. Congrats, Ate! I like your new layout too. :)

  3. Aww thank you a!!! :))) I was hesitant with changing layouts kasi mabusisi and hindi ako techie hahaa...great that you appreciate this! :)

    Leave a comment sis sa site ni Ches a ;) Kahit walang tumblr, pwede. :) Heheh..thank youuu!!!


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