The day I realized what I am not meant for.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Went last Saturday in Calibre studio for a styling gig. 

Pax invited Melai and I to assist her and her stylist partner Jear for an the open shoot.

Open shoots are "in" nowadays. They come up with a themed photo shoot (for this, it's Runway Ready), collaborate with photographers, hair and make up artists, and stylists for the job, and then invite interested participants who want to have their beautiful photos taken for their modeling portfolios or just for fun (or for Facebook primary photo ;p). Open shoots usually have all-inclusive fees at around P500-1000.

Jear doing his magic in styling the pretty participant.

The Stylist Team! :)
Pax, Jear, Melai, Moi!

I am in love with Melai's powerful combat boots! :D

In the middle of the day, Pax and Jear dared me and Melai to handle one client each. Parang test/exam ba! :)
- welcome them as they enter
- ask what clothes/accessories/shoes they bought for the shoot
- come up with a complete look for the client: from how to put-together the available clothes, to how the make up and hair would look like, what accessories and shoes they need to wear, etc.

The hair and make up team with Rachelle, the girl I solo-styled!

I was anxious at first that Rachelle's denim dress isn't "runway ready". But after going through the HMUA's magic wands, look at her:
Pretty boho girl! :) Nailove ako, haha!

Pax brought her whole house with her:

The make up area:



Inside the dressing room, trying out Pax's cute blazer! ;p 
(Sabi ko kanwari pang outfit post, haha!)

Melai said it's Kookie's! :) Ganda!

I went to the studio a bit late than the rest, coz I had issues with my sleep (I think too much, so although tired, I still can't sleep!). I am not sure if it's the lack of rest, or pressures of all the things piling up, or my disorganized life (in short, sabog)...But that day I realized I wasn't meant to be a stylist. I know it's too early to say, and I can learn more from exposure and experience. But based on that day, I found out that a true stylist isn't only stylish, but also someone who is in-the-know of all styles and not just her own. 

And I am the complete opposite. I love fashion to death, and I value my personal style, but that's it. I realized I can't dress up another person coz I don't know her personality, or the theme runway ready isn't "me" and I can't do anything about it. And also because I only know one style which is my own.

photo from pax

These statements surely bruised my dear ego (haha), but at least I know what I am now and I am brave enough to admit them. I may not be meant for this what seem to be like the "it" job right now, but I know that I loved what I did those times because I was with my friends. The day I realized what I am not meant for is also the day I realized how I value friendship, helping out, and pakikisama. 

I guess the big realization of not having "the criteria of being a stylist" made me sad/confused that I was so frustrated when we left the studio (thank you JR and Melai for the ride to Ayala Station <3). I was sorting my head while texting and waiting for my sister Cea in the terminal, when I bumped into a girl na nananadya (hehe), who turned out to be Tamems! :) She has to go somewhere though, but she made me happy just to be there! I spent the rest of my waiting time on a food stalls food trip:

Cool noh!!:)

Tell me what you think about my thoughts. :) All the love to everyone, and hope things will fall into place. ;)


  1. It must've been hard to realize that. I myself have doubts about whatever I have to offer to the world. Will it be enough? I don't know yet. But I do know that I love wearing amazing clothes (well, at least for me they are. LOL) and buying them and mixing and matching them. And you do too. And I think that's the important thing. Doing what we love best. If people don't like it, well, they're entitled to that. But the important thing is that you love your style and not afraid to keep it and not conform.

    Such a brave post.

    sPam of frou-frou

  2. you're style trios that i must say!:) hehe too bad I can't be in that category..clueless as how to style another person!=p and wow! the food stalls are so mura ah!:) and pax's blazer looks great on you!!

  3. You do wear amazing clothes Pam, and you tell about them as creatively as you can :) And I love that! :) That's another "style" to covet from you other than your clothes..blogging! :)
    Thank you so much, took me a lot of courage to admit this to myself. :,)

  4. Thank you Ava! :) You have great style too noh, and I see na it's even improving in every post, and i think that's the important part! :))
    Grabe I love cheap but yummy foods!!! :)

  5. Oh hey, that looks fun! I've never been to an open shoot :D


  6. I can totally relate, Ana! I feel the same way about being a stylist. a lot of people have been nudging me to go the stylist route... but styling is not that simple. it's not enough that you know how to dress well for yourself. you should be knowledgeable on different styles and genres. you should even be aware of body types, measurements and fit of the clothes.

    hay buhay...

    pero uy! na-miss ko ang turquoise blazer na suot mo! haha!

  7. Thanks Alex! :) Minsan nga I want to go to one kahit for fun lang, lalo if the theme is nice ;) hehe! :D

    Kookie! :) Thank you so much, and it's nice to share sentiments with someone like you na big na in the fashion blogging industry! :)) Ang dami pa nga requirements other than "style"! :P
    Hahaha, ang ganda ng blazer!!! :D Mamimiss ko din si Cheetah Blazer ko, hehe, thank you for buying uli in my online shop! :)

  8. Hi Ana!It's okay to feel that way, it's not bad to feel you are not good at something, that only means you are far way better to doing a lot of things than that single "something" in your case styling. At least you've tried and you can now say where your path is. Always smile Ana!:)

    PS: I so love your pink blazer!:)

  9. Thank you Denise! :) I appreciate this :) I always feel awkward and uneasy when styling others, parang "may mali"...So i guess it's not for me ;p Hay, hehe..More time to discover though what I am meant for :) Thank you again! :))

  10. Yay! Go ana!

    Gusto ko lang sabihin na ang hongkong stir fried noodles ay isa sa mga pinakamasarap na bagay sa mundo :D hehe

  11. THAT is so brave of you to admit, Ana! :) but i believe that with enough practice and exposure, you'd be a good stylist yourself. you've already mastered one style -- the hippie style. :) maybe you will try out other styles, soon. who knows, right? just a matter of time.
    but the best of ALL, is your cheapo dinner! nainggit ako! :D

  12. Patty!!! :) hahaha oo nga the best everrr, ang mura :D Gusto ko na umulit heheh :))

    Irene: Thank you so much Irene :) I think I am currently eating CHUNKS of my words because tomorrow Pax invited me to style again, and for phil fashion week!!! :D How can i say no, right? :D Thank you again for your kind words...And yes! Cheap and GOOD dinner is the best! :D


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