Food Trip: Magic Bread Bakeshop: Vegetarian Food and Restaurant

Friday, October 29, 2010

Before heading to the early call time of my styling gig for Ipanema in the Philippine Fashion Week (thanks to Pax!!! :)), dad requested that we have lunch together in the vegetarian restaurant he has been raving to me for a long time already. Since it's on the way to SMX, I happily obliged.

Happy signs welcomed me in the restaurant's glass door, especially for someone who always struggles with non-veg friendly fast foods vs expensive vegetarian restaurants:

Cheap thrill!!!

Here's what we ordered:

Dad's ve-g meat tocino with red rice and sayote soup (P55)

I tried the ve-g meat with cream of mushroom and the ve-g bopis, with red rice.
Sulit for its price! (P60)

They also have a very convenient water dispenser and condiments corner

They also sell a wide-array of cookies and other baked goodies for the health buffs:

They also have tuna chicharon (P70), toasted carrot bread (P12/pack), toasted banana bread (P20), gluten powder (P180/kg), malunggay cookies (P35), soya cookies (P35) and even diabetic cookies (P38)! Unbelievable price for healthy treats, huh! :)

Dad having a hard time choosing our dessert

Finally picking a pack of raisin cookies. :) He loves prunes, hehe!

 It was a cool lunch date with pops before the tensed and pressured big styling job later on. I have to say, dad was a big influence in my becoming a vegetarian. Ever since I was a kid, he takes me to indie veggie restaurants and eateries. Dad wanted to become a vegetarian but can't resist meat once in awhile. I guess he passed this on to me, his daughter who is a full-time lacto-ovo vegetarian for more than 4 years already!

Try out the delish and healthy dishes of Magic Bread Bakeshop: Vegetarian Food and Restaurant
No. 25, Gil Puyat Ave cor. Bautista Sts. Palanan Makati City


  1. wow :) looks simple yet good there :) wanna try!

  2. Aww thanks ava! :) Ang the best here is it's not kilala so less people, good vegetarian friendly pa :) It's my place! :) Hehe! <3

  3. what time does this store open?


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