Now I know how reunions go

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sorry if I tried to rhyme my title, haha. Last Monday, I went on a very biglaan reunion with my friends from early college (we got reshuffled on our third year). These are my very first friends right after I stepped out of high school's comfort zone. I know high school barkadas last forever, but then these people helped me survive the big and cruel university life. Of course, always puno ng kalokohan!

Jam and I were first to meet in Greenbelt, so we had the say on where to hang out before the others came:

Then we watched a movie! Life As We Know It, second time around for me! Cords was late! =/

Although I have formed lots of other cliques in college, from my new block and the different orgs I've joined, I realized how I will always value these people since they were a part of my life. And like the real journalism frosh in UST that we were, we never stopped laughing that day. About our classmates kalokohan, to our professors, to our PE moments, to our class plays! ;p Typical reunion of going back to "the days"!

Me: "Ganito pala yun noh? Yung reunion??"

We had dinner at Banana Leaf, where we had more "looking back" stories

And then coffee at CBTL...

Where we bought 2 slices of cakes from our "pot money" (extra cash from Banana Leaf bill. Journ nga kami, mali mali computations hahaha)

More laughtrips...

And of course, photo ops!

Been YEARS since I saw most of them (except for Jam who supports my online shop!! :)). It was nice to get in touch with Jam, Zsa, Chai, Jade, and know what they had been up to since we graduated. I changed a lot, they said--I guess my self-employed status helped me grow as a person. Though I am sure some things never changed...Like how we still manage to laugh at the silliest things. :) 

Zsa posted a photo of our college years in FB when we got home, so I also checked my early Multiply albums! Leaving you with photos of the young Anagon and friends, hehehe. Ang hippie ko na non! ;p

Did you recognize who's who? :)

I guess what I love most about reunions with people you haven't been in touch with for years isn't only about updating with them or laughing on "then-bad memories". I also learned more about how I had been, and where I am now. 

...And I sincerely give myself a pat on the back. =)


  1. Ang cute ng college pics nio sis hehe..neneng nene hehe..
    ska ang mouthwatering ng food

  2. HAHAHA! Ang nenene noh! :D Thanks sis! :) Ang kinain ko lang jan spring rolls ang potatoes ng curry hahaha :D pero salap padin =)

  3. aww now i miss my high school friends :) i wish we could have a reunion soon! love the old pix, ana!:) hehe and new layout!!

  4. Haha thank you ava! :D Masaya naman pala reunions kahit YEARS na hindi kami nag kita! :D (parang isang college life din! 4yrs or more than pa haha!) Thank you for appreciating the layout, super bara bara haha!


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