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Friday, October 15, 2010

Even before the event date, I was already so excited to be invited at the Exclusive Press Preview and Pullout Event last Wednesday by Ms. Ayet Quimpo, marketing specialist of M2 Brands whom we met before during the affair in Robinsons Midtown. The big bloggers event was for the different foreign brands such as Accessorize, Boboli, 7 for all Mankind, American Rag, Vans, Salsa, Elite, and Terranova. Also, I was excited to have another gathering with my online buddies!

The Outfit Pre-Event
Met Krissy in MRT Ayala, since she is a North girl, we decided to go together. I was wearing this on my long commute (tricycle, jeep, bus) from Alabang to Ayala:

 Black Bowler Hat (Anagon)
Gray Shirt (Bench)
Floral Jumpsuit, worn as trousers (All That Jazz, my tita’s)
Black Flats (Landmark)

Introduced Krissy to Tamems, who has a place near Greenbelt where we can change and put on our make ups. It was cool to have two friends from different walks of life to finally meet. :)

 Of course, Tamems is now my official event MUA, haha! (Thank you for taking our pic, Krissy!)

 Thank you for my beautiful make up Tamems! :)

With pretty in pink Krissy!

Photo op before leaving! Parang prom lang! ;D

Ava fetched us in GB3. Thanks for the ride Beb! :)

Ava and Krissy are both my buyers-turned-friends; I already introduced them to each other in another bloggers event. Our trio was so funny during our drive: we realized we all don’t know which way to go to A.Venue!!! Looking back, we were hilarious— though I was totally tensed that time!

Ava's surprised shriek when a motorbike just came out of nowhere (but never honking her horn too loud!), Krissy can’t see the street signs because of being near-sighted, and yours truly, the worst person when it comes to roads, trying to figure out if I can navigate our way based on memories of the places I had been to, haha! Thank God even though we reached the venue an hour late, the program hasn’t started yet!

By the registration area with smiling Krissy (thanks Ava for the photo!)

Meeting Ms. Ayet! :) Thank you for inviting us! =)

 Ms. Monica, who readily posed with all the bloggers! :)

There’s a new blogger in da house!
Ate was already there! Introduced her to my blogger friends, then took photos with the cute Accessorize bags on display!

I love the event set-up! All the brands were showcased in separate stall-spaces resembling the bazaars I’ve participated in. They’re so near our cocktail tables, it was tempting to go shopping good thing they weren’t for sale! Afterwards, they had a fashion show:

Clothes from 7 For All Mankind

And of course, photo op with everybody: the activity we bloggers just love! I told Ms. Ayet “Eto ang magpapatagal ng isang event!” Hehe!

With Tin of Fashion Ate the World!

 With stylish girls Bestie and Alex!

 Beb Ava and her to-die-for floral oxfords! :)

 Krissy and my sister Kaka, socializing! :D

 My girls: Pax, Melai, Ava

 With the girls from Vans: Cali and Kath
..who are both from St. Scho Manila high school too!

Ate, Me, Pax, Ava, and my sistah (better-late-than-nevah) Melai!

Class Pic! Krissy, Moi, PaxAlexDeniseAvaBestie, Maris

Black Bowler Hat (Anagon)
Accessories (Anagon)
Black Belt (Ate's)
Black Blazer (Landmark)
Floral Jumpsuit (my aunt's!)
Black Pumps (B Club)

...Which at the end of the night (and I couldn't take my sore feet anymore, hehe)...

Changed back to my black flats before commuting home! Hehe!

Some of us ended the night with a fun dinner in the nearby Sicilian Express...

JR, Melai, Ate, Me!, Pax and her peace sign, Mich, Ava, and Gersh

More than the pasta and white cheese pizza we shared, I went home full:

…Of stories and laughters during the dinner and our car ride to Ayala station (thanks to Melai and JR!)

…Of freebies from the different prestigious and generous brands and kind friends:

Boy, do I love freebies! :D Haha!
Again, thank you Accessorize, Boboli, 7 for all Mankind, American Rag, Vans, Salsa, Elite, and Terranova!!!

A favorite: Dainty white clutch with silver chains strap from Accessorize! :)

A cute heart Barbie tin can from Krissy! :) Thank you!!!
I appreciate your thoughtfulness, sis!!

And of course, pardon the cheesiness again, but my heart also went home full because I felt genuineness in these formed friendships over the Internet. And seeing that the high school friend, the long time and the new buyers, the Blogger contacts, the fellow online sellers, and even the respective partners, can all be friends outside the World Wide Web made me happy. Before, we just put each others’ names on our blog LINKS, and now we are actually linked even in the real world!


  1. I love how you said we're linked together in the real world :) that is so true. I never thought there would come a time that we'd all be this close :) from buyer to friend/seller to friend :) hehe. fun times at the car!

    Oh btw, i wanna post your logo on my side bar :D is that ok?

  2. Oh wow!! :D That will be great ava, naku super thank you!!! :)) Magandang promotion yun heehee!! :D
    Ang fun times nga nun sa car, sobrang kulettt!! :) Hope we'll have more cool events to go to, and dinners with lots of kwentuhansss! :) Hehehe!

  3. Hi Ana! AWW!I am so touched by your post!:) If only I can stay longer that night we could have had more chats. You look so pretty that night! I hope more events to come so that more pictorials and bonding moments with you gals!:)

  4. Denise!!!! Yes it was a good thing mas a bit longer time chat time that night, but as always, bitin!!! hopefully more to come :)) Thanks for the compliment, I super appreciate it!!! :D Just want you to know that everyone looks gorgeous that night! :)))

  5. ooooh! too bad i missed this. i totally forgot about the event! hahaha. but what you said about meeting fellow bloggers and them becoming your friends in real life is something i'd look forward to. :D

  6. Super lucky you got the chance to go to an event like!!! :-) & you know Ava too aww. :-)

  7. Aww what a sweet post :) Thanks again for the invite sis! And I really love your outfit that night :) It was also great meeting your ate! :)

    PS: Star ako dito ang dami kong pictures ahahaha ;D

  8. Lloyda!!! Sayang!!! I thought you werent free lang that night!!! Hope to have more events with you soon!!! =) <3

  9. Ef!! Yes buyer ko din sya!! :)) Small world no! :)

    Krissy!!! natuwa nga rin si ate, and super always ka din nya binabanggit about the crystal jade thing hehehe :D Oo naman noh!! Bidang bida ka pati yun token mo sakin heheheh! :D


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