Anagon Collection @ DLSU's One Million Trees Bazaar

Friday, November 26, 2010

Trying to be OC, arranging the long necklaces and rings...

Lista lista ng nabenta, hehehe.

The space they gave to us was so big, compared to my usual bazaar experience! I even had a head accessories corner!

Flock of girls in front of Mom and Anagon Collection!

Megann indicated the times where waves of people pass by SJ Walk. I must say, super accurate! :D Haha!

Will never last Day 2 and 4 without my Mom's assistance! :)

I personally love these new printed bangles! :)

And this winged owl connector ring! :D

Both DLSU grads, I asked my sisters Ate Kaka and Cea what food to try out in their alma mater:

They suggested the mojos in the Animo canteen:

And the Cheese Logs in Zaide!
Also in pic: sour cream hashbrown hehe!

Can't last a day without a cup of this:

The cutest Knick Knaxx Accessories by Ava Te was also there in Anagon Collection's booth!!!

On our last day, Ava and I had terno Ichigo shoes moment! :) <3

Got pseudo-interviewed for Megann's class requirement. Haha!

Fun times with Ava and Megann! :) Kahit maulanan, carry parin!

It was also cool to meet fellow bloggers like Vern and Jonessa! :)

Vern wearing a ring she got from my stall, photo from her blog. :)

This was after a big crowd left my stall, and I noticed Ms. Scarlet-April herself, with her friends! :)

Medyo lang ang ayos ng tuck-in ko, hahaha!

Such a sweet girl :)

For four days, dad prioritized Anagon Collection's ingress and egress over his work! I love my daddykins!

Family treat after the 4-day bazaar:

Mexicali night with the family! :D
My favorite!!!

Cea, who just came from work:

Ate, dad, and mom! :)

Spent FOUR DAYS, 9am - 6pm in De La Salle University! I can't believe my resistensya didn't fail me! I was invited just last Friday for the One Million Trees and Beyond Bazaar of DLSU's College Government of Science, thanks to my St. Scho DWTL sis Rocky! From the organizer's email, I learned that it's an in-campus bazaar and only 14 stalls were allowed in this event! :D I went for it, and now I feel so blessed to be part of this fundraising project! :)

Thank you everyone who supported Anagon Collection! :) It was sooo much fun hanging around in the DLSU campus, I actually miss it kaagad! I will always love the girls who got sad it's our last bazaar day, and the girls who were very vocal na naloloka sila when in front of my stall. <3 Ang cute na yung iba tumatambay pa sa stone-bench in front of Anagon! Hihi!

Thanks most especially to Ava and my mom and dad for all the help during this stint!!!! My heart will forever be grateful on how much unconditional you guys are in giving your support and help..and love! :,)

Peace and Love to all my La Sallian sukis!


  1. yey! sooo glad to meet you ana!:) alam mo, medyo ang shaky ko nung nagkita tayo, nasastarstruck kasi ako pa nakakakita ako ng fellow blogger. hahaha! :D so glad you enjoyed bazaar-ing sa skul, sa uulitin!:)

  2. Thank you so much Jonessa! :) Naalala ko tuloy yun sa araneta, but now atleast blog friends na tayo!!! :)) Thanks din sa inyo a! :)))

  3. I love anagon forever!!:) hihi :) thanks for the support with my accessories too, ana!! forever grateful din ako dun! and forever love the fringe necklaces!! hihi

  4. congrats ana! i wish to join another bazaar again!:) nice items ana!:)

  5. So happy for you sis! And for Ava din! :) Ang cool naman! Sana magkaroon din sa HSBC para we can invite you :D

    PS: Love the animal-print bangles! :)

  6. I super miss the bazaars they hold in DLSU!:) And I remember that cheese log oh so well! haha

  7. Congrats ana!!! I'm so happy for you! I know that bazaar was a success!!! Gosh I hope pareho tayo ng maging kapalaran! *crossing fingers*. Bazaar idol! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. I can't believe I missed out on this! Was too busy with thesis, di ko na napansin yung mga bazaar stalls along SJ Walk!

  9. Thank you girls! :) i appreciate all your comments my dears!!!


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