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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am so missing my online world! Been in DLSU for the One Million Trees bazaar in SJ Walk since Monday, and today is Round 4...Last Day...Fight! :)

Hope everyone's doing great! I'll back read on your posts soon! :) I miss them! Anyway, if you're from La Salle Taft, do drop by stall number 1, Anagon Collection is there! :-) 

Thanks to Ava for being there with me yesterday! It was much fun than the other days na loner ako, haha! And to Megann who even helped us nun umulan! :D Heeh! 

Oh, and 101 thanks to my 101 Blogger Friends!!!! Sabi ko pa naman yun pang 100th may giveaway sakin, but hindi ko sya nacatch! A giveaway open to everyone perhaps? =) 

Thank you again and love ya all!!!


  1. i should have been there. but am walking for two now, so hebigat.

    maybe next year????

  2. Napost ba comment ko??? Gosh! di ko sure, ito siya ulit! I LOVE ANAGON TOOO!!! Ana go fight, and yes I love you!! My spirit is with you for that support!!! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Denise!! :) Hihihi! ;D Yes hopefully next year I'll get to meet you in person! :)))

    Melai!! :D Thank you so much!!! All out support for your next bazaar stints sis! All the best for our businesses!! :)

    Channie hahahah I know right! :D I cant believe rest day na tomorrow, yeheeey!!!

    Krissy! i miss you too! !!! You should have a shoot with your new hairdo na ;))) Lovet!!!


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