The Big Five! :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Been out since Friday, and just got home yesterday (3 nights of sleep over, parang nag abroad lang e noh)...I finally had the chance to check my online social networking sites....

......And got the surprise of my life:

 TOP 5 ang bruha niyo! :D 

Oops! Top 6 nalang pala, hahaha! :D

Some Anagon Collection accessories are also featured in FIVE different pages of this month's Candy!!! :))) <3

More photos HERE! :)

On a different note, I just discovered that my feature in This Kid Loves Vintage is already up! :D

YIPEE! :D Read the write up HERE! =)

Gen also requested that I include a GIVEAWAY in line with the feature:

Instead of placing it in my online shop, Anagon Collection celebrates its FIFTH BIRTHDAY through Gen's blog! :) Do check out (and join!!!) the BIG FIVE accessories I'll be giving away! :) 

From the bottom of this Peace-Love heart, THANK YOU so much for supporting my shop and blog! :)
Thank you to HIM for He deserves ALL the credit! :)

Peace and Love to you all! :)


  1. as usual..your hip momma joined your contest!! haha =p fingers crossed!! I'm so happy for your #6 ranking..up to now..#6 ka priN!! yipeee!! big stuff toh!! and congrats sa candy!!

  2. YEHEY!!!! :D thank you so much for joining Ava!!! :) I wonder how Gen will go about the contest! :)) See you tomorrow, excited to hangout with youuu!! :)))

  3. Wow Ana! Congrats on all the success! Top 5 or top 6 is big na a ;) plus you have the Candy feature pa and the tumblr feature. Go lang ng go! ;)

  4. PHOEBE! :D Saw that youre a finalist sa MEG faces this year! :D Wah!! Congrats to you toooo!!!

  5. SIS I actually saw the ranking yesterday, you were NUMBER 3! Galing! And congratulations, wow happy anniversary to Anagon! :D

    See you tomorrow! <3<3

  6. OMG!!! :D *tears* hahaha! Thank you sis, Anagon Collection loves you!!! :) See you tomorrow!!!!

  7. It's such a pleasure to feature you in my little blog. Thank you so much for sparing your time and congratulations on your 5th year in the business!


  8. Gen! :) It's so nice to meet someone so humble :) Your blog isnt "little"! :D Thank you again for this feature, it's my pleasure to be in your blog! :) <3


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