Fail Hair Cut + Time Zone ng mga Matatanda

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Went out last Friday to meet up with Geo and Ana for our planned Resorts World "field trip". Sabi nga ni Geo sa text "Parang Singapore lang", hehe!

But before that, while the busy girls were still in their offices, I decided to get my long-overdue trim, dahil nag sasayang na ako ng shampoo:

I know I need a hair cut already pag nakatali na ako palagi ng buhok:

Meet our cute askal Yatot / Yating! :)))
 I wore my denim Archive Clothing top! :)))

I was choosing a nice and not-so-crowded salon in Market Market, and decided to go to Reyes Hair Cutters. I had a little boo boo after the hair cut when they gave me the bill charging me of P1,200! Sa isip ko sana nag Tony and Jackey nalang ako kung ganito din! Syempre na-shy pa ako to ask about the steep price (hindi kasi ako nag tanong pag pasok, hehe assuming). When I scanned the receipt, I saw that it included Keratin treatment which I didn't avail! :P Turns out P200 lang dapat ang bayaran ko, whew that was close!

In Resorts World with Geo and Ana....

We didn't apply for membership, and Geo had to line up for VALET parking. We had our late dinner first in the Parmigiana Italian Kitchen.

Where we had two servings of this:

Shared this yummy white pasta with Ana (hindi ko napicturean yung kay Geo! :P)
Ang sarap talaga LALO pag nakakataba! ;D

Each took a slice of this superrr cheesyyyy quattro formaggi pizza before I thought of taking its picture:

Close up, para matakam ka lalo, hehe. ;)

The trio!
Geo: "Let's do this more often!" Haha!
Check out my "parang-walang-nanyare" haircut. I had supposed-full-bangs, but I got irritated kaagad so asa side na uli, hehe!

We decided to walk around the Casino para bumaba ang kinain. While entering, Ana was asked for her ID coz she looks like a minor to the guards. Lintik, bat ako hindi? ;D HAHAHA! There was an ongoing live show of dancing girls in their engrande costumes while singing songs from the 80s like Dancing Queen. Parang Moulin Rouge!

At first we were afraid to play (halatang first timers hahaha), and wanted to try the slot machines. But on the last minute, I convinced Geo to play roulette with me. Parang lotto lang! Hehe! 

No photos in the Casino, since bawal. Let's just say nanalo si Geo (Whooo chamba! Hahaha!) nabawi din pam-parking fee. Haha! While I went home luhaan (HEHE) trying to convince myself na mas magastos pa kami ni Ana on our regular movie club weekends, hehehe! Babawi ako! Eep!


  1. Uy! Nag-enjoy ako dyan sa Resort World. Not the games, but the food. Hehe.

  2. Waahahah! :) I wanna try yun buffet naman nila! :D I love RW hehe!!!


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