A Message for the Haters + Road trip to Pampanga!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am not the type who will confront the "anon hater". But just last week, I consecutively received anonymous BV replies in my every new post! And often times we check our sites at night after a long day outside the house, tired and then yun yung mababasa mo. I just delete them and try to move on with my life. Pretend nalang ako na di affected although deep inside, I'm still human and I do get hurt. Then, coincidentally, I stumbled upon this post from the awesome Honey's blog



On a lighter and more fun post, the crazy Gonzales family had the longest 3 days! We had a road trip to Pampanga for my cousin Kuya Mikkie's civil wedding. So from our hometown in Muntilupa, daddykins drove all the way north for this momentous event. We had fun stopovers in gas stations, for food trips, and for CR breaks. I was asleep most of the time, and then woke up with a dimmer sky, colder "Twilight's Forks" weather, and songs from the 60s on background music. Then a red Beetle Volkswagen drove by, wow...asa ibang lugar na talaga ako! :)

The wedding was held in the Holiday Inn, but the families and invited guests stayed in Fontana. We arrived a few hours early before the ceremony, so we can settle down and even rest or stroll around the beautiful private-y place. We had a house to ourselves, all sponsored by the groom and bride. I had been hearing of Fontana ever since, but I didn't expect that the place is really nice and luxurious! Lovet!

To the "main building" for check-in:

Then drove to our "house":

Magkakamukha ang mga bahay, nakakaligaw!

House 4211!

Rested a bit...
(yes, with my dearest Tender Juicy unan, hehe)

Then toured around our bungalow house:

Dad doing some kung fu moves in the TV area:

Mom, fixing her bag in the dining table:

Dad going out with beach shorts + knee-high socks that only HE can get away with! ;D Go daddy!

Living Room:

Dirty Kitchen / Counter:

Ate Dely posing in her bedroom. She shared the room with my Ate.

Yours truly, who shared the room with the parentals + my sister Cea.

Ate and I decided to walk to the clubhouse and check out their Duty Free:

Beautiful beautiful place...
Pang photo shoot ba?

I just got some chips and dips and Skittles in the Duty Free. Patabaan nalang please! Hehe!
But they also have some other neat finds there:

Like these KUDOS granola bars, dedicated to my Journ Kabasagan peeps!

I love on-the-go foods, aka INSTANT. Haha! Like these cereals!

Canned soft drinks!

And Barq's for my Barx! Hehehe!

When we got home, my Tita Emma (mother of the groom) asked us to prepare already for the night. Will blog about the festivities next. (Or as soon as I get the photos from my sister's camera, hehe). 

For now, I am just happy that the family was able to experience vacation together. Been a while since we did this, and hoping for more to come. :)

Have a great week, everyone! :) <3


  1. Will wait for the festivities (I actually like seeing wedding photos haha). Oh and...yung mga trolls na walang magawa magco-comment ng masakit anonymously, ignore ignore lang. There are times when I'm itching to answer them, though.

  2. Thanks skyenshi! :) Yes I love wedding pictures too! :) Sigh minsan nga ang sarap lang nila patulan, hahaha, but baka mas matuwa pa sila ;p

  3. Best reply to the haters! Coincidentally, I saw this on my Twitter dashboard earlier:


    A person hates u for 1 of 3 reasons. 1.They wanna be you 2.They hate themselves 3.They see you as a threat

  4. Yes! And I like that three reasons din you posted, Claud! Just cant understand why people bother to "hate reply" not knowing how this can actually affect people... Ang mean lang. :P

  5. Someone insulted me in my Formspring. Grabe na hater. So bad talaga. Kakainis, I tried to be nice pero nakakasakit talaga. Kaya, I replied in the most civilized way possible. Tama talaga yung ni-reply dun sa hater, it's really not good to do that.

    Anyway, cute photos! :) I wanna see more.

    xx, Channie

  6. Omg...I dont think anybody deserves a hater...It's ok to reply to them in a civilized way sis para malaman din nilang youre not a pushover Channie. And I just want to add na mas naaappreciate ko the nice people because of them haters. Thank you for the love! :)

  7. haven't tried na meron ako hater online pero sa office meron. can't help but confront someone to clear things out mahirap kasi magtrabaho na medyo ilang. Anyway, on a lighter note love wedding photos the feeling that gusto mo rin magpakasal hehe...

  8. I think that's brave of you to confront a "hater" in person...mahirap nga naman if it's someone youll see everyday sa work or school...
    Sigh, Hahaha I know the feeling about weddings Chiqui! ;) Hehe! :)

  9. These "haters" thrive on attention so maybe it's best to just ignore them. Pero kung sobra na eh nakakainis naman talaga >.<

    Cool, may sarili kayong house! Parang chalet sa Pasir Ris! :D

  10. Oo nga e...I always ask the higher being na anong purpose kaya nito... i guess meron yan,but for them to be like that ano kayang higher purpose nila? waley lang hehe.. :D
    Cool noh! :) And awesome part is FREE ang pagstay namin, yun ang masaya bulsa! :D hehehe!

  11. You look fab in silk!

    And i must say that your cousin's quite generous ha. Imagine, you had a house to stay in during your visit...

    re: anonymous haters, kung di nila kaya magpakilala, don't waste your precious time. basura yan. mas maraming tumatangkilik sayo tandaan mo.

  12. Fashion Nicotine: Cant agree more! :) Thank you for the comment! :)

    Herroyalbleakness: Thank you so much! Yes, he's so galante, naisip ko pano pa kaya family niya! :)) Sigh thank you for that! :) Mas mahalaga nga identified friends than anonymous haters. Thank you .<3

  13. I'll make a follow-up entry about haters one of these days.. There was a time na talagang napaiyak pa ako sa asar.. Kase not naman all the time, matibay ka eh.. May araw na you just cant deal with these kinds of people.. Or baka ako lang yun? LOL.. Pero never again talaga.. Di na ako magpapa apekto sa mga inggitera na yan. Haha!!

  14. Awwww =( True, not all the time din kaya kong ignore lang.....ganun din ako! :P Basta it's nice to know that people like you and our other blog friends will always back us up pag may haters-on-the-loose nanaman :P


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