Preview Magazine's Augmented Reality Presscon

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I don't know what's with me but lately 2 hours isn't enough prep time already! It's not even because of time spent on choosing my clothes, but on my "coffee break in front of the computer"! :P That's why last Thursday, it was waaay past 12 in the afternoon but I'm still in the bus going to Cav Bonifacio High Street. I have no choice but to change from flip flops to clogs inside the bus, and apply "decent enough afternoon make up" for the Preview Magazine affair..lagpas eyeliner and all. Hah! 

When I got there, I saw Tracy Ayson, Preview's Media Relations Associate, and my kabatch in the Candy Council of Cool. :) She's the one who invited me! She led me to the table with the other fashion bloggers, who were chit-chatting with Ms. Agoo Benzon, Preview's contributing editor! She's so nice and even asked about our blogs and our favorite Preview section. :)

The fashion bloggers table: Edrick BruelKarl Leuterio, and Tin Iglesias.

Bjorn (love the name!) and Meryl--who bought accessories from me before!

With Kookie :)

I was actually on time......for lunch! Haha!

Very vegetarian friendly buffet. Hooray!

Shalani! Pati salad ko may flower. Hehe.

Then the program started! The host Tracy Abad:

A demo of Preview's newest technical innovation in its December issue-- Augmented Reality.

"Augmented reality is the technology or process of combining real-world scene with computer imagery. This often requires a camera, a screen, and a trigger that starts the AR experience." - Edna Belleza, senior VP and chief information officer of GMA New Media, inc.

The print marker found on the lower left side of the front cover is your key to seeing Survivor Philippines castaway and Preview's December cover girl Solenn Heussaff.

Dressed in Tory Burch's 2011 Resort Collection, she talks and walks her way around a virtual computer-generated world.

Interesante indeed! Kudos Preview!
photo from kookie
To experience this Augmented Reality technology:

1) Log on IN THIS PAGE,
2) Select the link that turns on the web cam.
3) Tilt the magazine in different directions, and see Solenn jetset across four different and fabulous places!

Q&A with Ms. Edna Belleza of GMA, Solenn Heussaff, Preview's EIC Pauline Juan, and Preview's Creative Director Vince Uy.

Syempre pa-bibo lola niyo, joke.
photo from kookie
"Which do you enjoy the most: being a painter, a make up artist, or a showbiz personality?" Solenn answered well by saying it's not something you choose coz she loves doing all these things. Truly a renaissance woman. <3 Love her na, haha!

Preview eds table

The bloggers had the chance to meet and chit-chat with the editors:

It was really a great opportunity to meet the people behind my favorite fashion magazine! Behind the Bylines ba, hehe! 

With the people I admire: different fashion bloggers and the Preview editors!
photo from meryl

Other media groups interviewing the pretty cover girl

I went out and saw the other bloggers taking snapshots of each other! But of course, never ending an event without outfit pictures!

Love this Chuva-Shirt, Paul! :)

Clogged! With Tracy! :)

Everyone! :) Bjorn, Meryl, Tracy, Kookie, Karl, and Edrick.
photo from kookie :)

No chance to take my solo photo because I am painfully shy like that, haha. ;P No idea on what to wear for an afternoon affair with the country's biggest fashion magazine, I stayed true to my boho soul. Hangin' loose, men! ;)

Long Cardigan (Cotton On), White Shirt (Department Store), Flared Jeans (Herbench), Clogs (Rubi), Accessories (Anagon)

Di ko sadya, napuputol lang talaga ulo ko sa picture, hehehe.

Style inspiration:
photo from

Grab your December Preview Magazine and experience a whole new dimension in enjoying a fashion glossy. Can't wait to try this out myself! :)


  1. yey! cant blog pa. im waiting for other photos. nabura ung photos ko. badtrip!
    love u ana!
    twas nice seeing u that day! mwah

  2. Love you too karl! :) Meron din sa FB ko but super labo lang ng camera ko na hehehe! :D Sheez nabura oh no! :/ It was great to see you dinnn!!!! :))

  3. you all looked fab! I'm sure you had a blast at the blogger event. Girl in white sa 20th photo, i LOVE her flower necklace! And your clogs too, love! <3

    PS: I gave you an award Ana! Please check it out here! ♥

    Lee of []

  4. You looked like you guys had so much fun! I love your pic with Solenn... you sure are tall Ana!

    Ah yes, the 'renaissance woman's' answer to your bibo question blew me. Why not? pero sana she chose one just for fun, right? :D

  5. I didn't notice your nailpolish last Thursday! I like the shade very much, it's like the latest Chanel one. :)

  6. Wow. That looks like real fun! Ang saya, at talaga you all deserve to be called fashion bloggers. Very fashionable, indeed!

  7. what an awesome experience!:) I'm so happy for you, Ana! The food looks yummy!! And love what you wore!

  8. your outfit is so MK!!! :) and your makeup, parang hindi sa bus nilagay :)


  9. Thank you so much Lee! I love being around fashion bloggers theyre so inspiring and love seeing what they put together for certain events. :) And oh! Thank you for the award! :)

    herroyalbleakness: oo nga noh, it would have been fun to know if ano ang prioritize niya in the end, hehe :) ooohhh must be my clogs! :D I wonder if solenn's shoes is higher or magkaheight kami if nakaflats kami both, haha!

  10. Meryl: HAHAHA thank you! :D It's just Face Shop though, but im in love with this shade too <3

    Ishna! :D Arent the different styles soooo vast and different, and so interesting because of that? :) thank you for your kind words! :) <3

    Ava thaaaank youuuu! it would have been great din if you guys are around :) facehunter!!! :)) <3 thanks too for appreciating ze outfit. it's so hard to think of something not so overz-career, pero presentable and fit for the occasion parin :)

  11. Yahooo! Reg I'll take that seriously a hahaha! para akong nag face paint lang sa bus applying the shine/blush the eyeliner effort ;p Hay super love mk! :)

  12. Augmented reality is what we always do at the School of Multimedia Arts. Haha! You just gave me an idea. I never knew that white shirts could be this interesting. :)

  13. Hey thats cool Skyenshi! :) love to be as techie as you :D sigh..hihi. :) Thanks too for commending the white shirt looks haha, i always land on my white tees when i have nothing to wear..definitely a closet staple! :)

  14. Cool! Amazing! You got to meet her :)

    Btw, I love Karl's shoes! Carry na carry :) hehe

  15. Cool right? :) I love Preview team and solenn :) <3
    Hay I super love all their power shoes! :D How I wish I can have all Soule Phenomenon shoes! =) Hihi!


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