Always, I wanna be with you and live in harmony.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I was "so 90s" last December 10, when the familia went out for dinner to celebrate my parents' 27th anniversary. :) I decided to just wear shades of grays, ending up with polo-over-shirt look that will make Mark Anthony Fernandez, Jomari Yllana, Erick Fructuoso, and Jao Mapa proud, haha.

Parang sasayaw lang ng "Always":
Thrifted gray polo, gray tee (department store), denim shorts (gap), fringe gray necklace (anagon), high cut sneakers (Rubi)

"The Gwapings" ba? Hehe!
photo from wikipilipinas.

We originally planned to dine in the new Banapple branch in Makati as my treat to the parentals, but my ate said we had to be there early for reservations, which isn't possible for my forever-busy family. We settled in Conti's Greenbelt instead.

There's always room for desserts! :)

Conti's Mango Bravo!

I also had a great surprise that day when Anagon Collection accessories graced Philippine Star YStyle Section: 

Super saya ko niyan, slightly di lang halata, haha:

Thank you Ms. Liane Reyes for featuring me in your article For the Bargain Hunters!!! I think the feature is very timely for Christmas. :) I met Ms. Liane few days ago in ATC to hand her the accessories, and was able to ask her how she learned about Anagon Collection. She said that she also knows Kookie of Death by Platforms. :) So a big thank you Kookie!!!!

I also wore my new silver-glitter bangle from Claire's, a gift from Nori and the organizers of the Santa's Christmas Bazaar @ La Vista! :) Blogged about their upcoming event HERE! :)
Thank you so much for this early Christmas present! :)

Took a photo of dad and mom before leaving:

Just have to say that I am happy to be born and raised in this happy family. 27 years is no joke, and something that I am proud of from my parents. They don't know this, but they proved to me that hey, true love that is long and lasting does exists.

Shemay may pagasa pako! Hahaha!

Always, I wanna be with you

And make believe with you
And live in harmony, harmony, oh love! ;D


  1. hihi thank you so much karl! :D super big thanks to kookieee!!! :-)

  2. Sweeeet :) Happy anniversary to Tita and Tito! <3 My parents celebrated their anniversary din last December 10 naman <3

    Congrats on the feature Ana! 2010 has been a GREAT year for you and your brand! :D

    PS: Natawa ako sa picture ng Gwapings HAHAHAHHA!!

  3. Hi! just stumbled upon your blog and i must say i enjoyed it soo much! Your way of writing is so funny and laid back :) and the things written in the sidebar are hilarious hahaha :)

    anyway, congrats for getting published in the newspaper :) and happy anniv to your parents! wow 27 years! ang sarap ng mango bravo, noh <3

  4. Happy Anniversary to your parents and congratulations for being featured! Anagon deserves it. :)

    Mango Bravo. Drooools.

  5. Ahahah... im laughing so hard with your post's title...

    parang biglang nagka background music habang binabasa ko post mo--- 'Open your eyes...I see... you're eyes are open' mwahaha.

    anyway, congrats on the feature and I'm happy you had a blast at Conti's during your folks' special day!

    but why did you take off that pretty gray fringe necklace off yer neck? i loved that it looked real pretty on you and a bit similar to a f21 piece.

  6. awww happiness!:) congrats sa feature!

  7. Congrats on the feature! Love the shoes. Hehe. :D

  8. Krissy: Hahahah sila mom din 10th yung anniv! :D Cool ha! :D Congrats din sa parents mo sis! 2010 has been good, thanks to our God! :) And thank you for being part of it! ;) Syempre da gwapingz hahaha!

  9. Hazel: Thanks so much for such a sweet comment. I hope that by writing in taglish, which is how I speak in person, im staying true to myself :) thank you for appreciating! Thanks also for the wellwishes to my parents, hihi, makakarating! And yes, mango bravo ftw!

    Ishna! YES! Super not into fruity desserts (chocolate based gusto ko usually! :D) but Mango Bravo is super salap!!!

  10. herroyalbleakness: Wahahaha! :D Benta noh! Nakakasayaw, wehehe! ;p Thanks so much in behalf of ze parentals, i have to remove my necklace while eating....coz I had the pesto, and i eat like a kid! :D Haha!

    Ava: AND CONGRATS TO YOU TOO! Candy Girls forevah! :) <3

    Skyenshi: Thank you so much! I thought i wouldnt pull off the shoes, but just love flats :D Hehe!


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