Aaaand we have a winner! :))

Saturday, January 22, 2011

As promised, I already drew the winner for the giveaway: Top Essentials for the Fashionista Commuters! Thank you so much to all those who joined! First, I checked all the blog entries one by one, and even followed some of the Blogger users that I am so glad I discovered through this contest! :) I also made sure I captured each post with the L'Oreal X Anagon on their blogs or sidebars (before you erased them na, hihi ;))...And came up with a total of 36 unique entries. And the lucky one iiiiisssssssssssss.............

CONGRATULATIONS Nadin of Just Point and Shoot! :) 

You won the following:

I can't wait for you to receive them! :)) Do email me your full name, mailing address, and contact number ---and I'll immediately ship your package by next week! :))

Thank you again to everyone who took part in this small birthday giveaway! :))

Like Anagon, I love L'Oreal Paris Philippines 50X50!

Oh yes, till the next giveaway! :))


  1. Oh my gosh! This is so surreal,Thank You so much!!! <333

  2. Ava: Yes congratsy to Nadin hihi, our giveaways --tapos na finally! :) Parang ang bilis hehe! :))

    Nadin!! :D No problem, THANK YOU too! :)) CONGRATS!!! :))

  3. Congrats to the winner :) And Happy birthday again, Ana :)

    <3 hazel

  4. Thanks so much Hazel! :))
    Nadin: Got it!:) Sending by next week! Happy weekend! :))

  5. congrats winner!

    Ana: nagbebenta ka ba ng mga ganyang glasses?

  6. Hello Bianca!!! :) Naku sorry I no more stocks of the shades =/

  7. Cool! Congrats to the winner. :>


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