Bazaar 101

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I got this email from a nice reader named Dianne a few days ago:

I decided that, instead of just emailing her tips and tricks I've learned from participating in bazaars (my first time was in St. Scho Manila's Family Day, January 2006!), I will compose a blog entry instead! :)

Again, I am not an expert when it comes to bazaar selling, but I guess the many times I've tried out this thrilling, tiring, and definitely fulfilling marketing of my goods gave me some useful pointers on the basics of bazaaring! :) Are your ready to earn some moolah!??? :)) Here goes:

(1) Arrive in the area at least one hour before the gates open to the public. The organizers often give you the ingress time. It's often too early, so you have to estimate for yourself how much time you will need to set up your stall. I always use racks and screens that I still have to tie together, then one by one hang my necklaces, so I really give allowance for my set-up. Kundi natetense talaga ako, at sobrang nagiging mataray! Haha! :D

Boxes and plastic bags during the Ateneo Eagles of Hope 2008, na sobrang nakakainit ang ulo dahil umulan! :P

(2) I love holding bazaars inside schools because canteen foods are the cheapest! But there will be other bazaars like St. James Cuenca bazaar, Candy Fair, or the Brown Bag Market where the foods are the usual ones we see in malls. Bring your own water so you don't have to buy anymore. It's ok too to bring your baon, but I also love trying out the specialty foods I encounter in the different venues I've been too. I tried out the YUMMIEST vegetarian siopao during my Cuenca Bazaar stint: Pesto Veggie from Gourmet Pao! :)

(3) Pre-Bazaar date, consider if the organizers will provide for the tables and chairs. You might just end up standing the whole day! :) Also, is the venue airconditioned or outdoors? Organizers often charge if you'll be using electricity for bringing a charger or your own fan.

Outdoor bazaar in St. Scho:

(4) I want to be a bazaar sweetheart, hahaha! I may be an introvert, but I always try to be friendly with my neighboring stalls--may the one manning it is the owner or a hired ate and kuya. Often times when I have to go on CR breaks, or I need to buy my lunch, or when I need barya, the neighbors are always the people I can turn to. Shun pride and competition! :)

St. James Bazaar 2009 neighbors...and friends! :)

(5) Here's one thing I've learned from my bazaar experiences: the most excruciatingly BV parts are the ingress and egress. Sometimes the venue has the most faraway parking that you have to CARRY your HUGE boxes, mannequin, accessories holders, etcetera--pabalik-balik from your car to your assigned stall. 

Lucky are those who have their manongs and drivers, but in my case, it's only me and my man--my daddy! So save your energies by having those rolling cases or a trolley. If only kasya sa koche, I'd love an airport trolley! Haha! For now my maleta and the improvised table with wheels will do.

Supportive dad during ingress and egress!

(6) For those who sell fashion items like me: It may not sound so important, and I often times forget to follow this too, but do try to model your products by wearing a piece or two while manning your stall. Maraming nagtanong sa akin about my twisty hair accessory when I wore it! Other than that, do wear something comfortable yet still stylish. :)

Making new accessories on the spot catches the attention of passing buyers! :)

(7) Another essential: Don't forget to bring your brand signs or tarpaulin, plus your calling cards or flyers with complete info on where they can catch you even after the bazaar.

2007 Candy Fair with the sign I made myself! :P
Also, don't forget your: Money bag/box, price tags/signs, barya, and calculator! :P

(8) For me this is also an essential haha: Bring something that will entertain you during the "dead times". There will always be those gruesome hours when not a strolling buyer is in sight. To keep you away from boredom (or depression! :P) bring games, music, your laptop where you can watch a movie or surf, etc. During the Port88 Bazaar, Ana and I wasted time playing PANTS! 

(9) Things to consider before saying yes to a bazaar invitation: RATES, SEASON, LOCATION, TRAFFIC (of buyers), and MARKET! That's why I love school bazaars because they provide the lowest rates, and my target market is there: high school and college students! Kaya kahit hindi season (November-December), ok parin ang kita! Same with the teen-infested Candy Fair! :) Meanwhile, St. James and other Christmas bazaars may be expensive, but the event is well promoted plus the dates are always set during the bazaar season!

Candy Fair just screamsss TEENAGE CROWD!!! :D I just have to be there every year!
Candy Fair 2010

(10) Another thing that I always forget: list your sales! If, like in St. Scho and Candy Fair, it's hard to track everything because of a mob of buyers, at least make sure you know how much money you had before the selling started. 

(11) Again, for those who sell fashion items like me: don't forget to bring a MIRROR! :D

Yuletide Souk 2009, Rockwell.

(12) To make your booth pretty, plus, to give your potential buyers a preview of how your items will look like when worn, bring pictures from your past photo shoots, and even clip outs of magazine features! :)

(13) Another one that I've learned through all bazaar stints, do not bring out all your stocks (unless your space is huge). Buyers do not want a crowded or topsy turvy stall.

Maximizing the tiny stall in Rockwell (I have THREE ka-booth share!)--through levels! :P

(14) Speaking of stall, it depends on what you're selling, but I've learned that nice racks with dividers will keep my necklaces from getting tangled as compared to just putting them flatly on the table. Invest in nice racks or tables or baskets--which you'll use in future bazaars anyway. Bring your own table cloth too, just to be sure in case they don't provide one for you. I also bring a carpet for my booth, just because. Hehe.

Poor stall display! :D Hah! First Candy Fair Experience, 2006!

An improved Anagon Collection stall: Candy Fair 2010 :))

Again: Sometimes you may have the best products, but that's just not enough. How you present and market them is as important! :)

(15) Document your experience! =) Don't forget to bring your camera! 

Saw long-time buyer Anisa during the Brown Bag Market 2010, just had to take a pic with her! :)

(16) Establish goodwill with the organizers. Who knows, they might invite you again or refer you to other bazaars. As to where to look for bazaars, I just search the internet (Multiply!), chance upon them, announce in my social networking sites that I am interested to join (in case someone knows an organizer), or check out the Entrepreneur Magazine which releases bazaar dates during Nov-Dec. 


After writing these notes down and searching related photos, all my bazaar stints were brought back. :) I remember that I still do get nervous every time I enter the bazaar venue, trolling with me my mannequin and racks. I love this anticipation, will the sales be good today? Just remember, always keep a positive outlook, and things will fall into place. And don't forget iwagwag ang pera ng buena manong bumili! 

The Palms Bazaar 2009

Ateneo, 2008

Assumption Bazaar 2009

Candy 2008

Rockwell 2009

Candy 2007

St. Scho 2011

DLSU 2010

Candy 2008

St. Scho 2008

UST 2008

St. Scho 2009

Candy Fair 2009

Woodrose 2007

Cuenca 2007

Ateneo Valentines Day Bazaar 2008


  1. Wow. ang dmai mo ng bazaar experience! :) And ang cool, daddy mo pa talaga kasakasama mo. Sana makapunta ako sa isa sa mga events mo! :D

  2. Heheheh! :) Thank you so much Ishna!! :)) Really hope may more to come pa! :))

  3. OMG! This is so fun! I don't know if Im patient enough to wait for buyers, but it looks/sounds interesting. I should be trying this!

    Super thanks for the bunny ears! Will let you know when its gonna be published! So loving it! Until next collabs - Jear

    Guys, check my blogs as well:

  4. Speaking of bazaars, nag-reply na po ba yung sa binigay ko sa'yo na email add?

    Nahanap ko yung booth mo nung Candy Fair 2007 dahil sa DIY sign mo. :)

  5. Thank you Jear!!! Yes LOTS OF PATIENCE sa BUYERS!! That's another tip! :)) And yes till next collab!! :))

    Hi Nadine!!: ) Di ko na nacontact sigh...super got sick and hindi ko na naalala...Ill try parin! :/ Sigh. And wow talaga??? Effective pala yung DIY sign parin! :) And mas creative/matipid pa :)) Hehe!

  6. Gusto ko rin i-try. Sana makasama kita minsan! Hahaha! Soon!

    'Di mo nilagay yung sa UST! Hihi.

  7. At gustong-gusto ko pala i-try yang Gourmet Pao! One of my favorites ko kasi dati si Mikaela! Haha!

  8. Hahahah! :D Anjan Claud! :)) UST2008, nun nag wawire art ako hehehe :D Oo nga favorite ko rin si Mika Lagdameo sa Candymag noon!:)) Heheheheh!

  9. Ana! You really taught me a lot of things about bazaars and I really enjoyed helping out at booths. Mas fun talaga when with friends!:) and of course, kain galore!^_^ Gusto ko rin mga old booth styles mo! especially the wired art na ANAGON COLLECTION. Sana balik mo yun! hihi

  10. Onga e, sa Candy din! Hahaha. :)

    Ay, onga! Hindi ko namukaan kahit may nakasulat na UST 2008. Hahaha, my bad!

  11. Thanks Ava! :) I really think mas maraming matututunan pag andun ka na right?:) Kung gano ka extreme ang makakaharap mo, and kaextreme din yun kita based on time! :D From bored to ngarag! Hahahah! :) Namiss ko tuloy hehehe! :))
    Wow really ok yun wired anagon collection?:)) sige nga sa next bazaar maitry uli hihihi :)) Thankyouuu!!!

  12. Hahahah Oks lang noh Claud!! Parang hindi rin sa ust yun photo! :P Sayang ngayong quadri may pabazaar daw uli! :P Too late ko nalaman huhuhu :P Sa paskuhan nalang uli siguro! :)

  13. This is a very helpful post sis, galing galing! More power to ANAGON talaga, grabe you and your brand has grown so much, in more ways than one! I'm happy to be a fan :)

  14. Thanks for appreciating sis :)) I feel that it's another too-long blog entry, but there's so much tips to handout to others who want to try their hands on bazaar-ing! :)) Thanks for being with ANAGON too since our first year! :))

  15. Sige, sana tuloy pa rin. :))
    Nako, get well soon! Uso sakit ngayon. Ang weird kasi ng weather.

  16. Weird nga weather, plus hindi din ko siguro naingat ingatan health ko! :P So you take care din of yourself sis :))

  17. Thank you so much ana for being so accomodating =) sobrang helpful =) i wann join bazaars na!!! =)

    Dianne =)

  18. Thank you for this blog post!!! =) sobrang helpful =) I wish you more bazaar stints!! (ako den ) hehe =)


  19. Hi Dianne! :)) Hope you enjoyed the blog post! :) Good luck with your future bazaars too, and hope to bump into you sa isang bazaar gig ;))

  20. all i can say is WOW :] super nice. im impressed <3 i wanna go bazzar-ing too. but mahina yan dito samin eh >.<

  21. Wow thank you so much for that WOW hihihi :)) From where ka? :) Why do you think mahina jan? :))

  22. Hi Ana, your post was very helpful. :) Im joining a bazaar next month and I'm trying to find those wire grid racks to display clothes. Do you know where i can buy cheap ones? Thanks! :0

  23. Thanks Gigi! :) For the mesh thingie and other bazaar needs, there is no place like divisoria! :) Good luck! :)

  24. Hi Ana! I have an online business and I'm planning to join a bazaar this coming November at the Rockwell Tent. It's my first time so I'm really nervous :| Do you think I should share booths or stand on my own? Have you done a bazaar in Rockwell Tent already? Any tips for newbies like me? Thank you very much! :) More power to you!

  25. Hi, nainspire naman ako sa blog mo about your experience in joining the bazaars, im thinking of joining too. Could you give me an idea kung how much sumali sa mga bazaars in school, baka you know someone who's organizing for this year, pls let me know. thanks


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