Baby It's Cold Outside!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gotta love this. 

Just came home from a looong day of work RE my new project AKA "High End Anagon". I aim to have a separate brand which will cater the donyas, and, who knows? You girls who are into semi precious stones like Moon Stones, Jades, Tiger's Eye, Turquoise, etcetera might also be my future suki. So, I am currently freezing here in front of my computer, checking notifications and new think my electric fan is turned off!

And I can't imagine this will ever happen again: walking outdoors, zigzagging the streets of Metro Manila wearing my favorite jacket. Akala ko pang movie house nalang siya or pag nasa airplane! :P Also, as seen in the photos above, I have my new toy Tiger "spirit hood"--too cute! Can't wait to wear this in USTE or something. Yabang lang. Haha! 

Sana palaging ganito! Chilly Manila. <3


Finally! Finished with Project Bugs Bunny! Haha! :)) Here are the bunny ears (minus the headband, icclip nalang daw nila para hindi bulky :)) for Jear and Pax's styling stint latter this week for a major broadsheet :

Directions emailed to me:

"2 bunny ears, critical is the cloth color and length of the ears.

1.    Vuitton- you’ll use sheer or net like na maliliit ang butas pale pink
2.    Roger Rabbit – white velvet with light pale pink inert of the ear, length more of just a playboy bunny ears."

What I came up with:

Kinakabahan ako, hahaha! :D
(sorry for the face, literal na tinapos ko siya pagkauwi hihi! :))

Hope you like them Jear and Pax! Good luck with your shoot! :)


  1. ANG CUTE MOOOOO!!!! :") :-) Hihi :-)

  2. Hahahahha thank you Ef!! :D Gustong gusto ko siya hehehe :P <3

  3. is UST's 400th celeb over? i want to go, too! :)
    tagal ko na di nakapunta.. :(
    cute hood! i want a jacket eh!

  4. hahaha FTW ang hat! i love it! lamig nga now. can't wait for something new at anagon!! oh, beb, need blog suggestions. pahelp! asa latest entry ko hihi

  5. Hi Irene! :)) Hindi pa yan! :)) I think super loooong event siya it will take more than a day! :)) I hope din I can attend one, nagsisisi ako I missed the Paskuhan! :P I

    Ava! :) Thank you!! Sige I'll check your blog out! :)) Thanks for supporting Anagon palagi!!! :)) <3

  6. i missed Paskuhan, too.. :( i miss the free dirty ice cream hehe

  7. Hahahah! :D Omg !!! :)) Naalala ko yun! Sister ko who works for Oishi but hindi thomasian, nakaattend coz namigay silang oishi products :) Super bongga daw nung fireworks =P Lets not miss out the 400years celebration, ok? :))

  8. magaling magaling!!! lavet teh! forward ko na kay jear. major major credit!:)

  9. Thanks Pax!!! :)) Good luck sa shoot niyo a, im sure majorette din ang bongga nun dahil tandem niyo ang magsstyle hehehe :))

  10. Galing mo ana!!!! :) And I know right, sana laging malamig sa atin! Ako rin, I'll utilize my winter outfits to the highest level bago uminit! Hehehe :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  11. I love the weather! I finaly get to use m favorite jacket! lol

    And the bunny ears look nice. Good job, Anagon!

  12. Melai thank you! :) Medyo alangan pa ako jan pero buti mukhang ok naman! :) True kung carry pa sa next labas ko, magamit na mga blazers! Ilang months nalang summer na! :D

  13. True Ishna! :)) Really love it nun I can wear my fave jacket again..been using it since college haha :D Thanks so much re bunny ears! Really hope it will turn out well in photos! :)

  14. awww tiger hood and bunny headbands!!! too cute for words!!!! :))) and yea, it's unusually cold in manila now..

    btw, moved to a new username :D

  15. Thanks Hazel! :D Loved the weather, but then got sick yesterday because of it.:P haha! Checking the new blog ;))

  16. I've been seeing those animal hats everywhere! They never fail to make me smile :)

    And I second wanting the weather to stay like this longer.

  17. this is so cute!!! love the sheer bunny ears!! :)

    -Mandi G

  18. Jillsabs super cute right! :) Theyre for kids I think, and for kids at heart! ;))

    Mandi hihi thank youuuu!!! I appreciate that you commended my work, since i am doubting if it's "photogenic", since it's for a shoot! :) Thank you!


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