Making the most of being 25.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"When I was younger, I used to think that by the time I reached my mid-twenties, I would probably have a successful career, my own place, a fiance maybe--basically a stable and healthy adult life. But look at where I am now: In the middle of nowhere. At this age, I am neither at the beginning of something big nor am I at the completion of a successful feat. 

I am just stuck here in my own little hole, in a place called the quarter life crisis."
- Michelle Meneses, Floundering at 25: A Young Life Crisis

It's kind of scary, but I have to admit I am now starting to like being 25. I got this book (where I got the lines quoted above) while looking around Power Books with my mom during my birthday:

(The other book is Bob Ong's new fiction.)

Some of the lines that struck me most from the book:

"Now is a critical point in our lives because this age is the best time -- if not the only time--when we can start to define our career. This is the point in our lives when our choices will strongly influence our future."

I can tell it's somehow similar with my birthday horoscope from Philippine Star:

May I make the right decisions, and even do something extraordinary.


I am currently part of a project to unite my fellow Scholasticans in helping out our former Filipino teacher Ginang Marasigan. Barely a day, and we already have 100++ members in FB. Hope the fundraising will be as successful! :)) Please pray for this good cause, and for Mrs. Mara! :)

"MRS. MARA'S RACE TO 500! Gng Marasigan needs P500k for an operation to save her life. Otherwise the next heart attack might be fatal. Should you wish to give love offerings, please deposit to BPI Acct Name: Evelyn Marasigan Acct No: 2779002023."

My fellow Kulasas! :) Pls like this page, and find out how we can reach out and help our teacher Ginang Marasigan :)) Help us spread the word too! :)
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  1. Syet. I need to buy that book!! How much is it?!

  2. Hahahah Honeeey!!! :D Perfect noh hahaha, P250 lang!! :) Pati presyo may "25" hehehe! :)

  3. When I was 25, I had a pretty successful career as a restaurant/bar consultant, then that same year I got pregnant. My whole world turned upside down. Now I'm 31 and everything is A-Ok. Don't worry so much (you start getting wrinkles at 25!), things have a way of working itself out ;)

  4. Thank you so much!:)) Yes, gotta learn there's more to life than worrying ;)) Glad to meet someone who aged gracefully :)

  5. Good luck! :) I'm still 6 years away. But glad to know that it will be good when it comes! :)

  6. i really like the photo of you blowing bubbles above, ana! :) nice book ha! and quote!

  7. Ana, everything will fall in place in due time. God bless you!

    Work hard. And pray. Love. And Pray. You'll see, everything is just worth it.

    MAGSTOCK na nang anti-wrinkle creams. We should age gracefully.;p

  8. Michelle: Youre so young pala pretty girl! :) Yes I realized, it's not that bad :) I just love the teenage years, hehehe =) Can't believe andito na ang "adulthood" :))

    Hazel! :)) Thank you so much! =) Galing lang ng photog niyan (CJ Alayon heheh!:)) I enjoyed the book din, very helpful hehe :))

  9. Procne! :) Tama! :) Baka time na for my "Eat Pray Love" moment? :)) Hehehe! :D Cant wait, feel ko it's gonna be my year! ;) Naks!!! Hihihi! Thanks for wishing me well.:) Sana talaga things will all fall accordingly :)

  10. Nice book! :) I'm not yet 25 but I do worry a lot too about my decisions. I guess like the comments above, things will fall into place.

  11. Ana, how can you not say you don't have a career?? You're ANAGON!:) You have an awesome thing going on for you and I wish you more :) Sigh, that line is certainly something to ponder on for me as well. Turning 22 soon and I hope I get somewhere :)

    Good luck with the gathering of fellow KULASA!!

  12. Hi Smarla! :) It wasn't that bad :)) I guess it also comes with me being so emotional/sensitive talaga, to begin with...that made this whole thing a big drama, hehehe :)) It's nice to let it out though :)) Gotta love your blog, btw. :) Natatakam ako palagi :)

    Ava: Hahahaha!!! :D Thank you so much Ava!!!! :)) I've been doing this since college na minsan hindi ko na navavalue siguro to, or or siguro minsan I just want something more. :) Yes, definitely something to ponder on. :)) Thanks for the well wishes! :) Really hope to collect more funds for our teacher! :)

  13. That book sounds good, I'll need to get my hands on it. All the best in the future (:

  14. you guys make me feel old! turning 28 this year gahhhh!

  15. Mai: Definitely something to read when the 25-blues hit you too. :) Hope not, though! :))

    Aie: OMG you don't look 28 AT ALL!!! :D

  16. You're now in the quarterlife. :D Prepare for a bumpy ride na lang but always remain fabulous. :D

  17. Thank you Skysenshi! :) Hoping for ze best! :))))


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