Sheer Luck

First of all, thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my DIY post Chasing the Sun. The skirt actually looked like this when my tita gave it to me (aka pre-DIY):

Awhile ago, bored and done with uploading new Anagon Collection items (click! click!), I decided to showcase another sheer skirt DIY. This time, I snipped ALL of the skirt's lining so I'll only have the lace-frame--which I can happily layer with a dress, a skirt, or even with shorts! For this post, I wore it with my LBD:

I was actually quite disappointed with taking photos on self-timer. Framing and lighting were both bad, if only I have someone with me (home alone day). Anyhoo, I actually realized how I am into DIYs before, way back in high school when I can't even afford my own clutch bag. I love it that what I lack financially actually paved way to "ideas" and "creativity". I learned to be resourceful and make things for myself. 

I made loads of neat stuff before, like pencil case out of cut-out shampoo bottle, or a quirky belt made from big handkerchief. My friends will call them Anagon's Creations. I wonder why that didn't won as my brand name, haha. Are you Ms. DIY QUEEN too? Do share to me links of your creations! :)

Oh, I even made my own grad ball bag:

More high school DIYs HERE.

Anyway, back to my lace skirt, yeah, I wasn't able to take a nice picture of it, too bad. It's much nicer in person, with the details that give "pretty shadows" to my skin or to the wall. So BOO solo-photo shoots.

Here comes the sun! And it's not alright because it's destroying the shot! Haha!

Guess it's not everyday that photos will turn out the way I thought it would. sigh.
LBD from Liberte, ANAGON Belt and Chains Fringe Necklace, DIY Lace Skirt, Thrifted White Pumps



  1. Witwiw! Ako rin I'm a DIY-er hehe ang sarap magbutingting ng mga bagay bagay. Don't have a picture of my creations though :|

  2. Hahahah! :D Konting exercise pa before I deserve the witwiw hahaha! :D Yey to DIY-ers! Feel ko lang mga "artist" din ang mga mabutingting, diba? :)) Hehe! :D

  3. Will try deconstructing my stuff, too... :) But my major problem is, I screw sewing. Hahahah... Tatry ko padin. bahala na si Batman. LOL. The bag is so cute!!! :)

  4. Ganda naman!!! Nice job Ana! :-)

  5. Catherine thank you! :) Kaya mo din yan noh, kelangan lang talaga "just do it!" :) Naks! Hehehe!

    Thank you Ef!!! :D Hihihi! :D <3

  6. Melaisky: Hope I styled it well too, my stylist sistah! :)

  7. ANA!! I love it! you're so good at DIY's! I miss doing DIY =( Very chic!

  8. Thankyou so much Ava!!! Naku I am sure you can create something fab or even better than this, my artsy friend! :) Mwah! :)

  9. naiingit ako, sana lang i can borrow your creative hands. my DIY skills is limited to snipping and stitching clothes. anyway, i LOVE your skirts talaga!!

  10. Aww. Why are you so full of talent Anagon? I have never done anything like that. I'm too scared that i might just ruin a clothing item if i start DIY-ing clthes.

  11. Awww thank you Liezyl!! I am so sure you can do this too!!! :)))

    Ishna thank you so much! I think the first step always is to just go for and and not be afraid! :) Hope to see your DIYs soonest! :))

  12. Hahaha!!! Nakakahiya naman! :D Thank you Honey!!! :))) <3

  13. gawa ka pa ng DIY! :D go ana! :D

  14. Love the skirt...but I'm not brave enough to wear something that short. Haha!

  15. The skirt is lovely! And I love how you paired it with the necklace :D I wish I could do DIYs...

    sPam of frou-frou

  16. Smarla thank you for the encouragement! :) Hope I can make more DIYs!!! :) :D

    Skysenshi: Thank youuu!!! I dont think I can wear this too when commuting, baon baon ko siguro hahaha!!! :D

    Spam thank you so much for appreciating! :) Ofcourse you can do something like this too! :) Im sure mas awesome pa ;)


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