St. Scho Food Trip!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

As much as I super enjoyed my first day of selling stint in St. Scho (as blogged here), I can't help but fall in love with my school all over again on my second bazaar day. High school girls were on vacay (too bad coz they're a HUGE part of my market + benta pa sa akin mga hirit nila! :P) ... But here's one of the reasons why I lovelovelove my SSC 2nd day bazaar experience:

St. Scho Food Trip!

One of the things I super missed in SSC is the foods! In high school (not too conscious of my figure and not yet a vegetarian) I will always eat 2-3 orders of the fried siomai, order the "expensive" chicken fillet rice meal topped with white sauce, gravy, and cheese during our uwian (note: kanin ang merienda), and I will always have either a cup of buko juice or a pack of yellow M&Ms in one hand!

When I reached the high school building and no signs of the other sellers yet, I decided to postpone my set-up and buy something from our "Old Canteen". I wonder if they still call the place "Old Canteen" since it looks newly renovated na, hehe.

Napaka-artsy naman nila manang! Ang kyot! :P

Spotted these St. Scho "classics"! Chicharon and Popcorn! :D I loved these cheap-thrills before!

Best soaked with suka! :D

What I love about school foods: They're so darn cheap! :P

I had a Large serving of sour cream fries, when the grade school kids on recess started approaching my stall and asked where are my accessories. Buti nalang di cheese ang inorder ko kundi orange na lahat ng hawakan ko haha.

For Lunch #1, I tried out the penne pasta in white sauce in the Caridad Barion Hall, plus I ordered the classic Mango Large from this stall:
Manang Fruit Shakes: Diba dito ka nag high school? (touched si akech! :P)

May inside joke pa kami dito ng Bullies before, we called the drinks "Mang Golarge and Mang Gosmall". Parang tao lang.;p Haha!

A few hours later, I was hungry (again!) so I decided to stop-over the Barion Hall with Beam (of Artwine). For Lunch #2: I ordered noodles (at p29) from this stall:

Where you can mix your own sauce:
Mine's loaded with "Teryaki" Sauce (cute lang ng spelling nila, hehe)..Plus added a hint of Toyo Mansi! 
I love flavors! Seryoso, kung pwede lang talaga ilagay lahat, hahaha.

Then loaded my noodles with chili sauce!
Nakakamatay sa anghang = Instant Red Lips! Hahaha!

Few hours after selling during the lunch break of the Grade School and College students, Ava and I went to the Old Canteen for merienda (too bad Barion Hall was closed already by that time, ang aga! I wanted pa naman a second serving of the noodles. :P) #takawlang

Then I saw these old-time-favorite!!! EEP!

Grade School palang, I always buy manggang hilaw! Asan na kaya si Manong? :P 
I love their special bagoong! But since I am already practicing vegetarianism, I settled for salt.

With Ava and our manggang hilaw! :P We wanted a round 2, but wala nang nakatalop! Boohuhu! :P

We also ordered french fries and potato pops! What is halo-halo-sa-tiyan? :D

Ava also pointed out our water bottles:
Naks may sariling tubig ang St. Scho! :D Hahaha!

Beam also noticed na walang soft drinks inside the campus. Naalala ko tuloy na bawal nga pala mag sell ng soft drinks sa St. Scho! Dad was even looking for coffee when he helped me for the ingress, and I realized, wala ding kape sa St. Scho! 

If not for the iced tea (sold in Dunkin Donuts!) or Milo...We relied in our uwian-takas back in high school: Coke Slurpy outside Gate 6...And a trip to Starbucks Torre or the classic House Blend for caffeine-fix! Haha! Ubusang Baon!

And last but not the least! For our food trip yesterday, Ava and I ended with a cone of dirty ice cream! :D
photo from Ava
I missed this P10 sweet cone, and the choco dip! :D

I left Ava to man our stall so I can buy our ice creams, when a kid approached me and said "palibre!". #spellwalanghiyaan 

Kuya Ice Cream took notice of me and said to the kid: "Dito yan nag high school..." 
Katouch lang. :,-)


  1. Cute! Gusto ko lagi ang posts mo. :) BTW, super favorite ko din yung House Blend kaso sarado na yata yun? Yun pa naman favorite kong kainan pag nasa Taft ako. :)

  2. Awww ang sweet naman, trip down memory lane :)

    And weeeeeeeeeeeeh you're using the header na!!!! At naexcite talaga ako :D

  3. Nariese: Touch naman ako thank you!!! :)) Yes sarado na house blend, nun nalaman ng barkada ko parang noooo hahahah! :P Sarap ng pesto nila noon! :P Baka nalugi na, ang sad!

    Thank you KRISSSYYYY Eep! And checkout the footer: citation ftw!!! :D Paformal! HAHAHA!

  4. what is nagutom ako sa post mo? :)) hahaha nakatawang basahin, promise! :) btw, nagpalit ka pala ng header image!! :D

    p.s. check my blog, i have an award for you :)

  5. Awww thank you for the award Hazel! :)) Oo nga noh I have to formally blog my thanks for my new Headah! :D Hahaha! :D Thank you too, I am the wordiest blogger alive, but i dont want to cut-down my sentences and kadaldalan just so people will read me. I value my readers who really take time to read my loooooong entries hahaha :D Thankyou talaga! <3 :)

  6. ahahahah Spellwalanghiyaan?? hahaha =p natawa talaga ako dun =p paano ba naman teh..a thank you would have suffice. pft. I really enjoyed our food trip, ana! sayang naubusan na ako ng iba hahaha

  7. Bwahahahah oo nga e medyo lang tinakbuhan lang ako, then nun bibili uli ako ng fries, poof! she's there uli! hahahah! :D oo ngaaaa buti may noodles ding ganyan sa mrts---super craving for spicy foods:P

  8. Nakakagutom naman! Na-ano ako nung nakita yung mangga? I don't know the term. Haha, bastakasi maasim. Haha.

  9. Natakam?? :)) Hihihi sobra kahit ako craviiiing :PPP

  10. Ana, nakakatuwa ang mga posts mo! :) Nakakagutom sobra!!! Lahat ng andito gusto ko kainin ngayon! yung chicharon, mangga.. shocks! :) at natawa ako sa "teryaki" bwahahha! :D

  11. I will always love reading na nakakatuwa yun posts ko hahaha, nakakatouch thank you Irene :)) Benta yung teryaki noh wahahahah :DDD Pero masalap!!! :))


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