Thank you, Manila Street Style! :)

Got featured, and not for my accessories brand this time!!! :)) YEY! This outfit was from the Face Hunter event. :) More on the feature HERE (leave a comment too, hihi)
Thank you Nicole and MSS! :) 

Shred Top from Karl Leuterio, Black Socks and Black Skirt (worn as tube dress) - Department Stores, H&M Booties, Snake Bangle from ANAGON


  1. congrats Ana!!!!:) aylavet. ganda ganda:)

  2. Cool. :) Congrats!

    Followed you on twitter btw. Hope we can be tweet buddies. ^^

  3. I left a comment kanina!!! Gondo gondo ni Ana o!! Whoooo!! Haha!

  4. My blog friends are the best!!!! :D :)))) <3
    Thank you Pax, Liezyl, Alexa, Smarla, Francesca and Honey!!! :))) <3
    Francesca: Sure!!! :)) Following you! :)

  5. Thank you Krissy !!! :D Heehee! :)))


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