The "It" Jobs + For the Birthday Girl. :))

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

First, everyone wanted to be part of the band scene. I would even take the tambourine job, only to be in the rock n' roll culture, haha. Then, years later, everyone dreams to be a cook, sets their eyes on becoming the next big DJ/VJ, or even become a photographer (thus, the sprouting of teens with their heavy SLRs hanging around their poor necks). Nothing wrong with that though, I love kids who dream BIG. Hehe.

If I can take a guess, I think right now the "it" job is to be part of the fashion industry--be it as a designer, a fashion magazine editor, a fashion blogger, a stylist, hair and make up artist, and even a model! In every mall, I'll see organized fashion shows or modelling contests for the girls (and boys!) aspiring to strut their own thang and get paid for wearing the it clothes. The "Next Top Model" branched out to so many countries, that every time I channel-surf--there's American, Canadian, Australian, and other versions you can think of. 

So if you're one aspiring model who wants to be seen wearing the latest street style fashion of Penshoppe, and grace the pages of the cool magazine STATUS, here's something that you can actually do to make your dreams come true:

Click poster to enlarge

As for me, one of my long time dreams is to become a teacher. Haha! :D I will be holding 2 accessories workshops for DLSU's LEAP this February 15. Currently coming up with my Lesson Plan (naks haha), one for the morning and one for the afternoon class. I am sooo excited! :)) So if you're from La Salle, hope you can join one of my classes, the Anagon Academy, hehehehe. :))

My feeling-teaching career started last year, one class for DLSU's LEAP, and two classes in Manila Doctors College. :)) Share to me your most outrageous dream jobs! :))


OH! And today, first day of February, is one of my dear blog sister's B-DAY! :) I know how tough it is to turn one year older (2NE5!), but imagine going through these while your love ones are abroad. When I heard Honey's story, I know she's one tough cookie, and I admire her for that. But what made me love this girl more is her compassionate heart who doesn't forget to show her appreciation--even for the littlest things. I sometimes forget to say the simple words thank you...

So I thought that today is a perfect chance to do so. :))


Thank you for the wonderful time we had during the Facehunter event, but I am most thankful for our chitchat in Coffee Bean pre-event because there I got the chance to know you more. And I just know that you're a really great person I can trust and have a good laugh with. To the girl I can't call by her name kasi baka mag mukhang kami (hahaha!), love ya, Honey! ;) Can't wait for our meet up! :)



  1. Hahahaha!!!! You girls made me laugh!!! Grabe feeling ko kayo ang family ko dito... <3 THANK YOU SO MUCH ANA!!!! I really appreciate this.. Cant wait to catch up with you girls on Thursday..


  2. honeyyyy!!! :)) that's why i was asking you if may lakad ka today, coz i was willing to be your "family" here while possible pa :)) but at least naka sched na tayo on Thursdate ha! :) Cant wait!!! :))

    And siyempre fansign e, kelangan bumakla muna at magpaganda kahit nakapambahay lang--red lipstick lang ang katapat niyan hehehehe :)))) <3

  3. Sweeet :) Happy birthday Honey! ♥

    And sis, ang cool lang na you get invited as speaker to these classes, so inspiring! :)

  4. Thank you so much Krissy! :)) I really feel lucky and blessed din that the kids invite and trust me with their time. :)) Super sana maging career ko to -- Art Teacher. naks! hahaha! :))) <3

  5. Hey Ana! :) I wanted to take your class for LEAP this year but something was f*cked up with the enrolling system kaya i didn't get your class :( but good luck this year! Seems like alot of fun! :)

  6. Aww sayang! :) I hope I can organize something like this for you girls! :)) Thank you and enjoy the class you'll take! miss ko na mga ganito!! :)))

  7. "teacher, teacher!!!" :) LOL bagay ha.. haha

    Happy Birthday, Honey! :) [may fansign talaga?!]

  8. Hahahaha! Yes! As requested by our bday girl, nakapambahay ako niyan partida hahahaha :D Thanks Irene!!

  9. happy bday honey babe! hehe
    love this post. continue inspiring people, ana

  10. That's the goal in life! :) Thank you for that Karl! :))


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