Good Morning! :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Every time I post something sooo unrelated to fashion, I am having second thoughts of transferring my blog to the "Personal" category in TopBlogs.Com.Ph. Which, btw, happens almost everyday, haha! Just want to blog something this morning before going out-and-about the Metro for another round of meet ups with my lovely buyers. I am actually light-hearted today, I think the cold weather failed to give me the emo-vibes or "longing-vibes" this time, instead, it made me feel na Pasko uli! ;P Hahahaha!

Anyhooo, on to something fashion-y, here are some pretty girlies I spotted in the WWW wearing Anagon Collection:

Fringe Benefits
The lovely Ava and Denise wearing Anagon Fringe Necklaces.
I love how different yet fab they both styled their neck pieces. They OWNED it!

My stylish sister Pax wearing Anagon Peace Necklace:
Naisip ko ang ganda ding kung may hawak kang yosi dito teh, parang grunge-cool effect lang. Props lang, lagot ako kay Mich, hehehe.

Anagon Collection's Muse Chesca wearing an Anagon Headdress: 

And of course, the blog-turning-three pretty Bestie wearing an Anagon Flower Wreath in her latest vid:
Watch the video here.

Lovet! :)) Thank you girls! This is the best part of Anagon Collection: Actually seeing the pieces I made worn by pretty ladies. <3

Gotta love my "job", no burnouts! :) <3


  1. Malamang if ganyan din work ko, no burnouts talaga! :) Cant wait to have my necklace from you.. Tomorrow na yun!! Yehey!! :D

  2. Ang bilis nga tomorrow na yun yehey!! :D Cant wait!:))) See yaaaa!!!

  3. Sis sama mo rin un Black Swan outfit ko wearing my layered necklace from you! Haha feeling lang :D

  4. Not to worry, we also enjoy reading your personal blog posts :) Oh hey, I was wearing din pala one of your stuff in my latest blog post, haha. I was wearing the wrist band that I bought from you when you were in DLSU xD

  5. I love the pieces but I don't think I could pull those off! But they're gorgeous nontheless. :)

  6. awwww na touch ako dito, beb! thank you!!:) Love thy fringe!!

  7. that sock.. is it yours? i have the exact same pair =))

  8. KRISSY!!!! Ay oo nga naman!!! Why nats!! :D Save ko nga pala yuuuun!!! :D

  9. Ann: Cant agree more <3 :))

    Pau thank you I appreciate that... :))) <3 Thank you! Visited your blog na, gotta save all anagon photos hehehe :))) <3

    Michelle! :))) why not! :))) Carry mo rin yan Im sure! :) Omg that might sound like a sales talk hehehe :D

  10. Ava: Of course! Ikaw palang nag wear ng fringe niya over printed, so blog :)) Lovet!

    Jamie: YES!!! Cool noh, yung three pieces instead of a pair! :D

  11. Hi ana! Ako, sige magpopost din ako! Sorry naman teh!!! :) Uy anagon yung suot ko nung facehunter ah! Hahaha :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  12. Okay lang ang "good morning" post, may jewelry post naman in the end so fashion pa rin.

  13. Hahahah oo nga pala noh!! :)))) Sige save ko nga yun! :D Hope to see you soon melai! :))))

  14. Sysenshi: Hahahaha naisingit lang ba para masabing fashion ?:)) hehehehe :D Joke lang :))

  15. hahahaha ay at cinonsider ko talaga yung yosi. wahahaha. cge cge next time. haha! i love anagon!!! thanks sis keep on making those amazing pieces. keep making us happy!:) hehe. miss you and cu soon:)

  16. Hahhahaha bagay yun! styling ba! hehehe! shoot natin yan minsan a, collab natin pax! :)) see you leytaaah!!!


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