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Monday, March 28, 2011

I am one of the rare, near-extinct (?) girls who doesn't have her own iPod. I still use my iPod Shuffle--the old version--and even that I didn't bought with my own money, but something I won from watching UAAP, haha! 

I do love music, but I think I got stuck with my "own generation" grooves, and some old tunes I came to love thanks to my dad (like the Beatles!). 

I don't know why, but most of the time whenever I see these cool teenagers wearing their iPod earphones while racing the streets of Manila, my thoughts will go "wow that kid looks cool". 

And whenever we go to a gathering or a casual event where we don't know anyone, to avoid the awkwardness, don't we just love to slip on the white earphones and drown to our own playlist--our own world--and then voila! We just made a "that kid is too cool for school" statement to the people around us without even knowing it.

As Nina Garcia's The One Hundred said: "What started out as a utilitarian device is now an essential fashion item. Those recognizable white earbuds have become ubiquitous accessory on subways and schoolyards the world over.

And since I don't have my iPod, I made an earphones necklace instead! Paired it with my new Oxygen oversized stripes top, Oxygen black tank, Herbench shorts, my new comfy white pair of Advan sneakers, tied my hair in a high ponytail--and there! I think I'm ready to dance through the rest of that busy night!

Worn during pull-out with fellow blogger Pax and her co-stylists Jear and Tatie:

...And in DLSU's Green Evolution fashion show, where Anagon participated!

Spot Anagon Collection logo! :D Haha! So tinyyyy!!! :P
Will blog about this event next. ;-) For now, share to me your current playlist! :)

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  1. wow you got the nice loose top from oxygen :) looks good, ana!!

  2. That's soo smart! Earphone necklace! :)

    And I don't have an iPod too! I have a ghetto MP3 player and I don't even have functioning earphones for it!

  3. Yes Ava! :) New fave! Sobrang comfy niya!!! :D

    Michelle thank you! :D Hahaha It's a patawa lang necklace, glad you like it din hihi :) Ako din ... sapat na nga ako sa phone music player ko e heheheh :DDD

  4. I love your top Ana! Bet ko din ung anchor necklace Anagon ba yun?

  5. Thank you Aie!!!! :)) Oxygen rulz ba hahahaha! yup anagon yan! :)))


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