[Deleted Scene] Harry Potter and the deathly hallows Part 1 : Harry & Petunia

Can't wait for Part 2, akk! Ang tagal pa! :P

Petunia: I have lived in this house for twenty years and now in a single night i'm expected to leave.
Harry: They'll torture you, if they think you know where i'm going they'll stop at nothing.
Petunia: Do you think i dont know what they're capable off?... you didnt just lose a mother that night at Godric's Hollow... i lost a sister.


  1. Supeeeer!!!!! Exciteed na me :D hahahaha!!!

  2. ahuhu ang ganda na nakakaiyak. :(
    so excited for the part two!!! :D

  3. Ako din Jonessa! :D Wah! Excited, at the same tie, wag muna pls ayoko pa matapos!!! :P ehehe!

  4. EXCITED!!! I just finished reading the book!! Excited ako makita in movie form!

  5. Cool!!! Ako naman i want to reread the 7th book before the part 2 :D


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