I won in a raffle again!!!

I love it when I win in raffles! Although art contests are better (kasi ineffortan)...There's something about knowing you won by chance. Swerte ba! 

The last time I won a raffle I think was for the Pussy Cat Dolls concert (hahaha). The contest was by the Events Incorporated show in Qtv, hosted by Tim Yap and Sam Oh. They gave me 2 Gold Tickets, but I also have to be in their office few hours before the concert so they'll record a short interview of me with Sam Oh. Pinagsayaw ba naman ako ng Jai Ho, hahahaha. Joke, kinusa ko pa yun, btw. Hahahah!

So I was in the grocery when I got a call from an unknown number, only to find out it was from Summit Media..Telling me I won their all-expense-paid trip-to-Boracay promo. With TWO FRIENDS! I texted Tamems and Ana right away, telling them: "Mahihimatay ata ako!!!" Tamems called me up kaagad when she read my message, hahaha!

It was totally unexpected because I joined their Taylor Swift contest before, but didn't win. I just love joining this kind of stuff kasi you'll just answer a simple question na nagoogoogle, and place your name and details...that's it! So if you didn't win naman, there's nothing to lose!

I know I already have a Bora trip this late April when our kabarkada Abi goes home from the US (YAHOO!)...But an earlier trip isn't bad, right? ;) Free, so not bad at all! YAHOO SUMMER NA!!!

Thank you Summit Media, Cinema One, and Coke!!!

PS: Off to Palawan in a bit... I will make timed blog entries for the succeeding days :) I'll miss you all, but I promise to catch up on your posts when I have internet access there, or when I get home. :) All the love, mwah!


  1. kainis yung mga taong ganyan. yung mga laging nanalo sa contests.... hahaha joke lang! mwuah! galing ana! :)


  3. Ohmygosh this is so OHSUMMM!! Congrats Ana! Enjoy Palawan! <33333

  4. You are just so lucky! Inggit ako!!! Enjoy Palawan!

  5. So galing ana!!! :)) enjoy palawan!!


    Looks like you'll be on the beach a lot these days! Have fun!

  7. woooow! congrats ana!! swerte bora pa! :D have fun!!

    btw, i changed links na :D

  8. huwow! Congrats Ana! ur so lucky :D

  9. cant believe i know the person who won the ruffle :) lucky me :)) i miss bora :||

  10. Thanks girls!!! I'm super excited na!!! :) <3

  11. Cool! You won tickets for the PCD concert!!!!!!!!!!!! :O


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