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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

.........I'll wear flats forever!!! Hahaha! I know almost if not all fashion bloggers just love their heels, but I am quite the exact opposite. I love it laidback and ache-free...I love my flats soooo much I wish I have all the money in the world to fill up a shoe rack with pairs of Toms and Sanuk! :D Haha!

Anyway, I am glad when I found out that Penshoppe produced summer-worthy flats:

They have em in pretty florals:

Florals on black canvass (My favorite #1):

In funky zebra print (My Favorite #2):
Gotta love the red lining!! :D

Clean white floral peep toes:

And My Favorite #3, red and white striped flats! :D So nautical! <3

I have no idea with how much they'll sell the pairs, but I am sure they're fairly priced, as expected in this well-loved local brand. :) 
Can't wait to hit the next summer destination! :) Share to me your summer 2011 plans! :) And your summer wardrobe must-haves! :)


  1. yey, love the last one! ^^
    We're scheduled to go to Zambales next week to hit the beaches, ^^ and for the Holy week, we're still thinking of a place to go, ^^

  2. I only have one pair of heels! :))

    I love the first one! I'll check these out if I can. :)

  3. wow ~ penshoppe sells these? they are adorable! thank you for sharing this. i do love flats, too!♥

  4. I love the florals on black canvass! So pretty and classy! I didn't expect that Penshoppe would sell these cute flats. :)

  5. me too! i am not really a heels-type of girl. i love flats! and i love your selection of flats from penshoppe! thanks for sharing!:)

  6. Wow! Nice flats from penshoppe :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. I agree with wearing flats forever! I envy bloggers who can pull off high heels every single day... because I can only last hours. Given my height though, I'm the one who needs the heels! :))


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