The New Hippies

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I will always feel like I am part of the neo-hippies ---- modern day flower children ---- old souls who were born 3 to 4 decades too late. :)

I think, one (major) way that I am able to express that "hang loose" part of me is through my clothes. A lot were teasing me with wearing tight-fitting top for my Kulasa shoot (which you can view in this post), then I realized I haven't worn anything too tight for the past years... I wanted to be carefree and have no restraints...Even with my clothes. 

That's why I fell in love with Oxygen's Spring Summer 2011 campaign, which they aptly called "New Hippies: The Art of Doing Absolutely Nothing" -- I love that phrase...Ana and I used that on our day 1 in Dos Palmas, when we thought we "wasted" a day lying around the beautiful curved "sunbathing" seats by the pool, drinking water and coffee simultaneously (hehe), and taking millions of photos of Palawan's beautiful sky, beach, trees, etcetera. I realized it wasn't a wasted day at all. It was The Life! Mastering the Art of Doing Nothing, indeed! :)

Oxygen's summer line is all about looking great, "chilling out and looking good effortlessly"---highlight on the word effortless!

Now, say this with me: MY SUMMER 2011 WILL BE THE BEST!!!

Have a blast, loves. :) Happy Summer!!!


  1. I love wearing that Neo Hippie look too :D

  2. Me too! :))) Super hassle free for on the go peeps, like you Nori! :)

  3. I love how chill and casual the pieces are! :)


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