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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I was in the very posh and sosy Dusit Makati last Sunday for a shoot with stylist, fellow blogger and my sistah Pax. If you're a fellow commuter, alam nating super lapit nitech sa Ayala Station, kaya when I was invited to help out, go go go si ako! :) 

Ang cool lang ng tandem nila ni Jear. They assign sets na sa kanilang dalawa, then they do all the pull-outs pre-shoot, may print outs pa of their pegs--from clothes, poses, makeups, LAHAT! I look up to these guys...super organized! :) 

I met them in a hotel room reserved for the team (this is for Manila Bulletin nga pala :))...And I was assigned to assist cool-chemist-by-day Jear. We had the first shoot sa poolside...

Hakot lahat ng clothes and accessories and whathaveyous from the room to the pool area...

With Jear's mom, I love tita! :) Super concerned sa gutom ko, hahaha! :D

One of the models, Marie, with my Anagon Water Baby piece. :-) 
Do check out :) I've uploaded all 13 pieces in this new project: SS2011 Travel Diary. :) Price tags are too steep compared to Anagon Collection pieces, but I guarantee you every accessory are handmade by yours truly--an artwork with a story that you can wear and pass on to your children and children's children ba. ;) Hehe! Please support, link, blog, etc! :) And I will love you forever! Haha!

With my fashown Pax, her assistant for the day and my new friend: sweet and talented, and fellow quiet girl Tatie =)

At the middle of the day, I can't resist trying out the coffee in Dusit. Alam niyo naman ako, caffeinated blood. Hahaha:

I also love the dark chocolate cookie! :D And the best part, asa hotel nako niyan but P200 lang bill ko! :D I'll do this more often pag naisipang tumambay sa Makats...naks. ;P

Anyway...BACK TO WORK!

The hardest part of a shoot daw: Post-Shoot! Arranging and sorting out ALL pulled out clothes and accessories and shoes...Para maisauli ng maayos AND COMPLETE sa stores. :)

It was a long day, and I love it every time I see Pax in action. Iba talaga buhay stylist, and I say this in black and white alam kong hindi para sa aking itong buhay nato. But I love helping out friends, alam niyo naman yon part-time job ko: Stage Friend. Hehehe :)
Again, iba talaga ang buhay stylist because it's not all glitz and glam. You have to work not only on the shoot day itself, but may pull out dayS pa pre-shoot, conceptualizing, and soli-an pa ng items (na minsan di maiiwasang may masira/mamisplace!!!).

Then, you also have to learn how to work with grace under pressure, lalo in putting together not only great but THE BEST outfits. Plus, you have to work well with people. Iba ibang people that you may encounter in one production, I tell you..And I can see that Pax is doing a great job being a real Stylist. :) I am so proud of her, and I'm sure she'll go places in this line of work. :))



  1. okay may mga 4 pcs of tears na sa eyes ko wahehe. touch naman ako sis super:) i know d kita mashadong naasikaso nun, am so sorry, :( i hope you enjoyed din kahit papano. Hehe! thanks so much for the help. Lavya!:)

  2. BENTA YUNG FOUR PIECES!!! Bwahahahaha!!!! :D Wala yun noh, DONT MIND ME nga today lang hahahah :D Kalurks! :)) I had fun noh, at ibang klaseng stress naman kasi talaga you have to go through jan sa work na yan,...san may naitulong ako, kahit water girl help lang or moral support :)) hehe! :) <3

  3. She's a natural, noh, sarah? :) I love YOUR style too! :)

  4. Sarap maghit and run ng mga damit sa 4th and 5th picture. :))

  5. hahaha 4 pieces talaga? nakakaloka! Ana ang bongga nung necklace! =)

  6. awww. natouch naman ako sa description ko >:D<

  7. tried being a stylist asst for a friend b4. Sinukuan ko after a day's work! Nakaka aliw at first pero sobrang nakakapagod.

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  8. ANNA! i opened my new blog na! :D

  9. Everytime I read a post from her blog about pull outs, it sounds so exciting because she gets to see unreleased lines and and current ones. Parang masaya (and I'm sure it is). But I can imagine the stress and pressure! She's so hardworking. :D Nakaka-amaze!

  10. Michelle: Hahahah! Katakooot!!!

    Aie: Benta yung hirit noh hahaha

    Tatie: Checking out your blog, and of course!!! :)))

    Lala: wow cool hello ms. stylist! :)

    Meg: True, nakaka amaze si pax, I hope she gets to read your comment <3


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