L is for Little Black Dress

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is a black dress, but my camera's flash made it look navy, hehe:
The Base of the many costume changes for that day!

First of all, I know, I skipped K--because the only 2 Ks in The One Hundred list are Knee Boots and Khakis--Both I currently don't have, haha! I'll get my hands on a pair of khaki trousers or shorts tomorrow, hehe. :P Parang ang cute since summer naman! :)

Anyway, L is for the Little Black Dress: the most sulit investment garment you can ever buy for yourself. Timeless, ba. As Nina Garcia said in her book: "Consider your LBD a black canvass instead of a fallback. It demands to be accessorized and adorned."

So I wore my Get Laud jersey LBD on a Wednesday na may two events ako...

For the afternoon cocktail party by Mary Kay, I wore it with this really weird and colorful cropped top my mom used daw nung bininyagan ako (I have a thing for clothes with sentimental value):
Accessorized with a brown hat (not in pic, haha), brown drivers shoes (Hush Puppies), and earth-tone neck-piece from Anagon. Kahit super weird ng look ko because of my mom's dalaga-top, I love that I was able to wear it again, and my mom was super pleased. :)

Later that day, I went straight to Members Only for an intimate late afternoon affair for Prive Presentation of Nominees. With the venue and the time, I decided to change into my DIY leopard cover up, wore a champagne statement necklace I made for Anagon, and changed into my black H&M booties (my favorite comfy heels!) :

Later on that night, during barx Kitchen and Cable Car hangout, I just wore the black dress with the black booties. It was super fun for me to play with my LBD...Ang bigat nga lang ng bag ko after all the "costume changes", harharhar. ;P

"Remember, the reason the simple garment is so enduring is because it understands the essence of style: to step back and let the woman shine. So shine."

Other Ls:
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  1. I miss you more Anagon! :))

    PS. Ang dami ko pang utang sayo, hindi ko nakakalimutan! :)

    Babawi ako.

    I love you girl! <3

  2. Omg! I love how you turned the LBD into 2 different outfits! I love it. :-) LBD is a must MUST have for every girls!

  3. Love ya too Ashley! :)) More posts na, ok! :) I missed your blog! :)

    Ishna: Thank you so much!!! Gusto ko pa nga ng isang LBD hehehe :)) Ibang material and cut naman :)))

  4. No way, black yan? Ang galing ng cam mo ah! :)) Pero okay yan ah. Para matipid sa damit, hindi halatang sinuot mo twice since iba na yung kulay, hehehe! :)) pero seriously, I love the way you dressed up your dress xD talaga ngang hindi halatang sinuot mo ulit! ;)

  5. Shine Ana, shine! ;)
    Love love love. Super galing talaga pag versatile yun outfits, and happy naman ako na I witnessed all these costume changes!

    PS: K for Krissy hahaha <3

  6. Cooool!! We're going on a cruise sa summer tapos we have two gala nights. I might just bring one LBD tapos ibahin na lang ang styling. Thanks Ana! :)

  7. bongga lang ang outfit changes!

  8. great mix and match styling. You gave me an idea on how to have diff looks in a day.

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  9. Galing. fashionistang fashionista. :) i admire you Ana for how you go about fashion :)

  10. Thank you girls! :)<3 Your comments melt my heart, :) <3 ano daw? hahaha! :D Seriously, thank you for appreciating! :) <3


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