"Never drink to feel better; drink to feel even better."

Monday, March 21, 2011

Got this quote from the movie Ana and I watched the moment we got back in Makati after our Dos Palmas trip. As in day mismo ng pagkakabalik namin, we left our luggages in Landmark's baggage counter, then went straight to Greenbelt 3 cinema in our beach outfit, tsinelas, t-shirt, and all--haha!

Anyway, the movie is How Do You Know (..I needed someone like youuu in my liiiifeeee...JOKE!)...A romcom starring Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, and Owen Wilson. If I was younger (and much more emo) I'd disagree with this, but right now...Carefree, single, and all...I just love that quote!

Last Saturday, Ana and I ate our dinner in High Street's Stock Market while waiting for our other kabarkadas to text us for that night's plan to take out our balikbayan classmate Janix. 

I had the yummy and extra-cheesy French Onion Soup plus the Caesar Salad, while Ana ordered the Ravioli. I will definitely go back there, they have so many vegetarian-friendly options in their menu! Medyo mahal lang! :P

When Chickie texted us, we went to Bugsy's in Burgos Circle to meet them. Had a great time talking, laughing, and drinking with good ol' friends! Ang haharot! Hahaha!

My BB Chicks, with our balikbayan Janix! Vegeterien Eccent ke ne he! Hahaha!

Inaantay ko punchline ni Tameme, hahaha!

Riot pag present ang Bullies, yo!

Present! Chicks and Jopo (who took this pic!), Janix, Alli, Monsky, Bong, Ana, Me!, Tamems!

"Ang gulo mo Ana, natakpan tuloy ako!" Hahahah!

Guess who partied with us? :D Nyahahaha! ;D

Few hours after midnight, went out to decide on our next plan. 
"Sounds like a plan ba, Janix?" Hahaha!

Some of us went to the Midnight Mercato!

It was my first time there, and I discovered so many interesting foods, a must-visit for the foodies! 

Ana, Janix, and Tamems ordering sticks of isaw!

I was sobrang full padin from my dinner, I didn't order anything (BOO). Although I noticed that the place is overloaded with meat, I still found stuff I can eat like the grilled corn, and some sweets at the aircon tented area. :) 

Definitely have to go back there uli! That night, it was nice to just hangout and chill with the girls:

I love my girls! They definitely gave meaning to the quote:
"Never drink to feel better; drink to feel even better."
It was a great night--sana maulit! :))



  1. You're a vegetarian pala. :) Cool! I wanna be but it's hard. I hate veggies kasi.

    Great post! :)

  2. Thank you Michelle! :) It was actually easy for me kasi gusto ko siya talaga, I guess that's how most vegetarians started...Kung hindi sa religion or family...Conscious choice sya :) Thanks so much!

  3. Grabe sis more energy mas happy ka talaga!! :D

    I love days and nights out with friends :)

  4. i love girl friends bonding!!! :) all the food looks delicious! :)


  5. Krissy: Vit C is the key, hahaha!

    Mickey: Ako din, what i look forward to all day everyday ;) haha!

  6. Waaaahhh, at nasa picture si Phil Younghusband! Inggit na inggit ako sa Midnight Mercato... I wish we'll have that here in Cebu too.:)

  7. Wow a Cebuana reader cool! :) Hi Rose! And yup nakita namin siya nun pa-cr siya, benta lang hahaha :D


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