Last Day + Ana's Birthday in Dos Palmas

Monday, March 21, 2011

I completely forgot to post this! It was already in my drafts, but another weekend went by so fast, natabunan na siya, boo! :P

Anyway, on our last night in Dos Palmas, I intentionally waited for the clock aka my cellphone time to strike 12. Meaning, birthday na ni Ana! :)

We just came from our massage sesh, and super lakas na ng ulan (at least last night na namin dun)...We decided to stay in our house and watch a movie or series in her laptop. Gusto ko sana Hachiko, para mahirit ko sa huli na "Kamusta kaya yung statue ni Hachi sa Japan! Wah!", but Ana didn't want us to watch something that I've already seen (and more than once pa, haha)...So after viewing some of the movies in her selection, we ended up watching Glee...Britney Spears episode kasi kinanta ko yung Sometimes nung videoke namin the other night, haha!

Nung March 15 na! Yehey! Opening of gip! 

We slept afterwards, and when we woke up super early morning to prepare for our boat sched / early breakfast... The Dos Palmas group heard my "surprise my friend" request the night before (while Ana was out of sight during our dinner buffet, I talked with one of the staff)...  

They gave a mañanita in our room!
Buti nalang nasa CR si Ana nun (right next to our door)...Kung tulog siya, baka hindi niya narinig yung surprise, hahaha!

They sang the birthday song (Super dami nila nun, even our diving instructor was there haha! Ang fail ko lang with taking their picture! Hay!!!).......

....And gave her this sweet cake. <3 :) 

After breakfast, check out na kaagad... =(

Still raining that day...

The gloomy weather made it more sad for me to go, hay! :P They even played a nice ethnic tune for us, send-off ba! :(

We slept most of the time in our "parang duyan lang" boat ride (super lakas ng hangin / ulan). The other parts when we were awake, we took some more photos!

Ganda ng hair, Ana!

They even gave this cute artwork made of leaves to us! Nakakatouch na talaga!

Since we were a few hours early for our plane ride, we decided to hangout again in Itoy's

Ate again when we boarded the plane... 

And, as blogged earlier, watched How Do You Know when we reached Greenbelt. :)

Belated happy birthday Ans! Hope you enjoyed your birthday, kahit 2 lang tayo, haha! We hated to say goodbye to Dos Palmas, but we will surely be back there in no time! :) Swear...mas matagal pang stay! Haha! I remembered a quote I got from my friend Macy after posting this in Facebook:

I think I have a problem with going on vacation/out of town trip...Hirap na hirap ako mag reorient with real world once I'm back home hahahah :D
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  1. I love the quote from your friend Macy. :) Makes sense. And looks like you had a great time! :)

  2. That's a nice quote. I'll take note of that. -Sandy Miguel :)

  3. Macy and Sandy: Super love the quote too <3 :)

  4. Love the quote :)

    Super nice naman ng staff, and super sweet mo sis! :)

  5. i love this vacation! i want to try doing it with my best friend sometime. your comment on my blog was super flattering. thank you! :)

  6. wah--ibig sabihin, Traveler ako? hehehehe...^^

    Do join my Birthday Giveaway,

  7. Krissy: Thanks so much, it's what I do best, I guess..Be a friend! :D NAKNAMP hahahahha!!!

    Sarah: thank you so much--I love my friends <3 It's the least I can do! :)) And seryoso ako with my comment :)))

    Ann hahahah lovet love that hirit! :))) To more travels!

  8. Nakakainggit ang trip ninyo! Me and my friends are planning one this coming May kaya todo save na ako lately.;) I hope it'll be as fun as what you guys had. Panalo ang mañanita ng Dos Palmas staff!


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