Not your average kind of girl

After learning about the Scholastican endorser gig, as posted in my first Happy List, they required me to submit high res half-body and full body photos of me wearing corporate and smart casual ensemble. 

I was ready na nga magpa studio pic nalang (hahahah) kahit hindi ko na maalala last time I had my photo taken sa Kodak or sa PhotoLine, heheheh... But then I thought of asking my friend Tamems to help me instead. We held the little shoot when I slept over her place last Wednesday. Super late na kami nakauwi last Wednesday night, plus sobrang napasarap sa life-talks...we woke up early Thursday para fresh for our little pictorial. (Sarap ng breakfast kanila!) 

Tamems helped me with this not-so-little project--by taking my photos, styling my clothes, and even applying my make up. I have the bestest friends ever! They're super supportive with all my endeavors! And I love my make up!!!--Tamems gets better and better with this art!!! :) 

Anyway, here are my photos for the corporate ensemble:

Tamems and I were talking about the corporate clothes I'll wear--since I am not the typical office girl. So being in the field of arts, we didn't settle for the slacks, polo, and pumps look. Instead, we opt for leopard prints, high-waisted trousers, clogs, and Anagon accessories (of course!)! :))

I am really excited for this project, kahit na ako na ang pinaka mahiyaing tao and awkward pa. But for me this thing is a big deal that I can't just say no to...Because it is a Scholastican thing, and my heart will always have a special place for my grade school and high school years in St. Scho. Good memories! Thank you for recognizing my efforts in my chosen field. When I do get THERE someday (big name and all)...I will never forget my roots, and I'll proudly shout out to the world that I am a Kulasa!

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  1. Congratulations on this! I love how the photos look! :)

  2. go go go ana dear! something new yan ha, you in a corporate ensemble :)

  3. I love the styling! Animal print is always <3.

  4. As I said, ANG SEXY MO, beb!! I love it! And congrats!

  5. Very pretty sis! Perfect! Pls say hi to Tamems for me! <3

    And since you brought up high school, watch Senior Year, I think you'll love it :)

  6. You make us scholasticans proud! :) And wow you look hot in these photos! :>

  7. bongga! Great styling! I love the whole outfit Ana! =)

  8. Nice sleek chic outfit! :) Btw, I'm a kulasa too! St. Scho Manila :)


  9. Syet Ana, ang gondo gondo mo naman!!! Bagay pala sayo ang tight fitting clothes ah! Ngayon lang kita nakita naka fit na top eh.. You should do it more often.. Hehehe! :P

  10. Thaaaaaaaaank you thaaaaank you, ang babait ninyo, thank you! :D


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