Casual, But Not Smart

Monday, March 14, 2011


I use that phrase every time I thought of a smart casual ensemble, to judge if tama ba ang na put together ko. Still for the Scholastican Endorser photo requirements, I had to submit photos of me wearing "smart casual". I can't remember a time that I wasn't a bit confused when I hear that an event requires guests to wear "smart casual". What does this "look" call for anyway?

According to The thing to remember about business or smart casual is that it should be modest and neat in appearance, but comfortable. And remember, this dress style does not allow for tennis shoes (which includes Converse style shoes) or jeans.

Black shirt dress - Zara (Tamems')
Weaved Belt (Tamems')
Necklace - ANAGON
Loafers - Hush Puppies

If only I can be "smart casual" (and not just casual, hehehe) every time I go out, I love that the look requires decent yet comfortable clothings. Also, I love Tamems' Zara polo dress. If only maarbor ko siya, hehehe. :)))


  1. I love the black shirt dress! But for smart casual, I think it's better to wear it with heels? :) But that's just me hehe btw, I'm a new reader of your blog!

  2. Thank you for reading!!! :) welcome to the fashionista commuter, enjoy your ride! :) hehehe! :)))
    Id love it in heels din :) <3 Nice one!


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