One thing you'll need in life is a travel buddy.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Someone to be with on your last minute shopping, barely few hours before your flight. 
Someone to share a quick Oliver's sandwich lunch after the buzzer beater buying:

Someone to ride the cab with when going to the airport, split the fare, and assure you that bringing too-much is ok, kasi magaan naman bag niya kaya 30kg padin total namin, hehe:

Someone who is ok to pay more because you booked for "Go Light" pala, haha:

Someone who would love to eat again and again, in every stops, with you...
Like while waiting for your boarding time:

A sure patawang seat mate on your otherwise not-so-long but why-still-dragging plane ride:

Someone who also agrees that Onboard Meals may be expensive, but worth it:

Na ok lang din sa kaniya kahit panay ulo lang ninyo ang kita sa pictures, kasi di niyo afford mag photographer (haha):

Who will avail a cheap Palawan hotel with you on your first night, since arrival time is 5pm late, na hindi na sulit mag Dos Palmas:
We stayed in the small but nice Ardent Hotel. May transfers na nga sa airport, may welcome iced tea pa kami. :) We don't even have to carry our own bags, the service of this small hotel is really commendable! :)

Settled a bit. And konting TV and laptop time...

Someone who enjoys self-touring the city because you still try not to waste the first night of your trip:

Someone to go with on your early-souvenirs shopping in the tric-driver-recommended Tiangge Tiangge:

Kahit panay CASHEWS lang ang mabibili niyo

May cashew brittle, cashew pastillas, cashew tarts, and I think I even saw bottles of cashew wine! :D

And of course, they have the regular cashew nuts, in diff packaging sizes

I love my new dream catcher from Tiangge Tiangge!

Someone who loves eating, and who is also not into missing her dinners: 

Who is also into good food, and willing to experiment in a new place:

I love the set-up! You have to go up your "cottage" where the dining set-up is located

Ang sarap, super mahangin! :-)

You have to ring this bell to call waiters, which we didn't use kasi feeling donya mode naman nun, haha!

Ana's Shrimz and Meat Dishes!

Oh my gulay!

And my pansit!

Someone who is also into after-eating coffee breaks!
We just crossed the street to Itoy's -- I think it's their version of Starbucks!

So the two Anas went to Palawan last Saturday, March 12, for a vacation we booked January palang. The Bullies planned on celebrating Ana's birthday (March 15) in the luxurious Dos Palmas, but sayang and sad that Tamems can't go with us. The Anakids still pushed through anyway. And kahit two lang kami, I realized that I think I just found my travel buddy. And for me, every person must have a travel buddy...Unless you want to go on an Eat, Pray, Love type of solo-adventure. Lalo na pag seat sale, ang sarap nung alam mong may sure kang pwedeng itext na ready to go on another trip with you!

Having someone to talk with and kalinya mo ng humor para masaya and panay tawa lang, kahit ang daming kapalpakan. A friend who is sure-go-whatever-the-gastos willing to spend and share expenses with you. And someone who will watch out for you and willing to be with you in a new place for a long time. 

Sabi nila you'll learn a lot about a person not on constant hangouts, but mas grabe pa when you go with them on a long trip. Thanks Ans for keeping up with me through the good, but most especially, through the bad. :) Praning ako, pero mas bitchessa ka!!! Hahahaha!!! Love ya, travel buddy! Kelan ang El Nido natin? ;) Hehehe!


  1. Natuwa naman ako sa cashews galore :)

    Ang sweet naman sis! Friends are really one of the best gifts from God, no? I'm happy for you and Ana, another memorable trip na naman! I really admire your friendship with her. Sa totoo lang, for me, I felt lost when my former friends left me. But it's comforting to know I still have other friends, and you are one of them! :)

  2. Hahahaha cashews here and there, ang sarap pero magsasawa ka hahaha! :D I think you'll always have room for more friends, lalo na if you found who the real ones are and sino yung "moment" friends lang... Yung hindi pang matagalan or yung hindi pala real. :) Dito lang ako sis! :)

  3. Na-inlove ako sa dream catcher mo ate Ana!!! And its nice to know na you have such a great friend like Ana! :) Ang saya maglamyerda pag walang keme yung kasama mo. Nothing but good memories lang. :)

  4. Thank you Catherine!!! Sobrang in love din ako jan, ang laki! plus may mas MALALAKI pa cute!!!!! :D

    I think ang best part is knowing may keme din pala si Ana at meron din akong sariling keme... But kahit may ganung ganap, willing parin kami mag travel together after? :) Na ok lang yun nega parts kasi tao lang at napapagod! :) hehehe! :))

  5. this was a really nice post! i've never been to palawan but i really plant to see it soon. i have a friend who relocated there a year ago :)

  6. I adore your friendship ana! :) I know you guys had all the fun and all the bonding you need :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. Thank you Sarah! :) Wow that's cool, at least may sure tour-guide ka na when you get there! :) And maybe, free accommodations? :) Hihi! :))

  8. awww, that was so sweet! i love girl bondings and friends for keeps..:D


  9. Thanks Mickey! :) Yes, girl bondings are the best ;))

  10. Ang saya naman ng bonding nyo! True na masarap talaga kapag you know you have friend/s na andyan for you. Yung available for unplanned gimiks. Yung hindi p kayo nagsasalita gets nyo na kung ano sasabihin. :)

  11. I love Puerto Princesa! And I love Itoy's Coffee! :) I'd love to live there for a year! Hahaha. And true, masarap talagang magkaron gn travel buddy na tunay na hindi mo magulang or kapatid or kamag-anak.

    Just a small trivia ha. :) Magmamagaling lang ako ng konti. Haha. What I love about Puerto Princesa is that they don't let companies na kagaya ng Starbucks na makapasok sa kanila kasi mas priority nila yung mga locals dun. Kasi nga naman, kung magkakaron ng SM at Starbucks, mababawasan ang kita ng mga negosyanteng lokal dun. :) Buti na lang at napakasarap ng Itoy's Coffee! :)

  12. Ishna: Natuwa ako na akala ko hindi ako makakahanap ng ganung "girl friend" hehe :))

    Nariese ang cool naman nun, parang ganun nga, tama ang trivia mo ha! :D Wala ngang malls dun and coffee shops na commercialized :D Amazing!!!

  13. This is such a cute post! I love the cashew everything!!

  14. Would love to try the cashew wine. Curious lang!

    Bitchessa! I love the word already. Pagamit din, ha? Hahaha. :))

  15. Thank you Michelle! :D Haha benta noh, lahat ng maisip nilang cashew ginawan ng product hehehe! :))

    Claud: Go lang, biatch, bitchessa, hahahaha :D Walang copyright yan ;) Hehehee! Ako din nacurious tuloy with the wine hahaha!


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