And she's back! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy times again for my high school barkada, BARX! So many things going on the past weeks-- but what I am really really looking forward to is Abi's visit! The last time she was here was the unforgettable Christmas 2009--and super duper daming happenings nun (Barx New Year Bora!) I was on the go and the good times just kept rolling! 

Right after Hedgren fashion show styling assistant stint last Saturday with Pax and Argie as main stylist, and Melai and Tatie as fellow stylist assistant, I ran straight to BF to be with my barx...And Abi--na fresh na fresh from airport! :D Looking forward to more nights with my truest friends, and our super lapit na Bora trip from April 26 to 30! Bahala na ang budget, these are the moments I am made to live for!



  1. awww hs moments <3 and have fun in your bora trip! lapit na !

  2. Looks fun! :)

    Good luck on your Bora trip!

  3. Looks like you really had a great time! Highschool friends are the best long time friends!

  4. Thank you Hazel, Michelle, Ishna, and Liezyl! :) Sana dumami pera ko bigla for bora hahaha :D

  5. Hey nice to see Abi's back!! :) Saw the pics sa FB! Nakakatuwa reunion niyo! :p

  6. Yes she's back...for now mai!!! :)) High school friends are the best :)))!!!


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