Play Shoot and being a Stylist

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Went to BULB Studios in Makati last April 14 for the play shoot with Patty Mendonza and Mark Tiu as photographers, and styled with fellow blogger Reg (I love this girl!). :) Met new awesome people like my model Nadine (such a pretty, young, and talented girl!), pretty Korean model Hye, and also Angela, our super galing makeup artist-- I had a great time talking with her pre-shoot. :) It was a long afternoon, and I am pretty much sure na sure na sure na na styling isn't for me. I know I've blogged about this personal-issue gazillion times, but when an offer or opportunity comes, I cant say no all over again! It's like, nasasayangan ako sa chance, and hindi ko mapanindigan what I've been blogging about! =P

That I do love fashion with all my heart, but I guess my skills are just limited to making accessories and DIY clothes. :) Are there "designers" who aren't stylists? :P I hope I am not alone. Not that I am calling myself a designer na a, there's soooo much for me to learn and go through. Loving to dress up doesn't equate one is a stylist! I am not my best self during shoots. It was a frustrating realization, but in the end, I guess it's always about what lessons you learned along the way. Thank you to my dearest friends for always making me feel better at the end of the day. :)

Ok, to cut my BV and self depreciation, on to my outfit pics!

"Ang hangin lang sa labas!" Haha! Thank you Reg for the photos, pacool lang! :D Hat from SM, shades was an old Anagon Collection, peace and dream catcher necklace from Anagon Collection, denim shorts from gap, socks from department store, loafers from Aeropostale. AND OF COURSE! :) My flowy, comfy, easy breezy top from The Maria Chuvachu Shop! :) Super thank you!

Oh, and the Dusit shoot came out na! :) Speaking of "styling" noh? Haha. :D
I was cited as Assistant Stylist! :D Super thank you to my mentors JEAR and PAX for this opportunity! And CONGRATS guys, I am proud of you!
And my new brand ANAGON was also in the 2nd to the last photo--weeeee! First mainstream exposure! <3 I am so gonna get a copy of Manila Bulletin today!!! :)))


  1. Congrats on your 1st mainstream exposure!!!

    I've been a silent follower of your blog and I think you're so so nice and grounded... looking forward to meet you @the bloggers united event...

    I'm a fellow Kulasa, btw...

    Hope you'll drop by my blog too...

  2. naaliw ako, pare-parehas kayo ng hair!

  3. congrats naman ana...galing naman! great talent you have ;) xoxo Cheryl

  4. i love you too! hahahaha :) 'i am not my best self during shoots' --> kayang kaya pa yan ichange! remember what we talked about sa car ;)


  5. Coooooool!!

    I remember I was asked to style tapos mas malaki sakin yung model. Lahat ng mali na pwede kong gawin nagawa ko.

    So, I guess, pag magsstyle ako, dapat kasize ko yung model. =)))

  6. Love this!! Congrats on all the blessings coming your way, beb!! they all are very awesome and I am SO proud of you!!:D Haha sana sendan din ako ng sponsors ko ng outfits to try! haha masaya yun!:)) Cute necklace!!

  7. Congrats, Ana! Btw, I'm an intern at Stratworks na and I was contributing in a presentation for a client. I saw Anagon somewhere in the report! Naks, sikat!

  8. Congrats, Ana! :) You and Reg look alike. Heehee.

  9. Thanks guys! :) My heart is super duper grateful for all the love you're sharing to me :) <3 and waaah reg sistahs tayo! :) <3


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