Like A Happy Lemon

Monday, April 04, 2011

So last Thursday, day before my Bora trip, I went to faraway GH to meet with a great team for a photo shoot project second week of April. We all gathered in Happy Lemon, a quirky new concept store at the ground floor of Green Hills Promenade (next to Starbucks). Learned that this quirky drinks joint didn't just sprout in Metro Manila because of the milk tea craze, this place actually started in 2006 in Hong Kong!

Anyway, I tried the weird Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese, hehehe:

 Server said the best seller is the Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese, but gusto ko sana nakakagising ng bongga, so coffee akech. Hehe. Interesting, tangy taste, and it wasn't bad at all. =) 

Then we transfered to Figaro (for the plugs, haha)...

With stylist and fellow blogger Reg:
 I love this tall girl! Super patawa lang din siya, nasasakyan niya kalokohan ko, hehe! :D <3

Fellow Candy Girl, and photographer extraordinaire Patty M.! :)

My fave in Figaro, thanks to Tamems' recommendation:
 5-cheese Pizza!

The Dream Team (minus the models)! :D Haha naks!
Mark Tiu, Patty Mendoza, Hey Rocket Girl Reg, and bright as the sun, moi! :)

As for my outfit that day, I attempted the color block trend, na super over uso lang ngayon (Mega and Preview April covers):
Bright (traffic-stopper) Yellow Top - Landmark
Blue Shorts - Thrifted
Lime Belt - Anagon Collection
Mustard Wedges - The Pill

I can't wait for our shoot, yehey! :) 



  1. Ang nice ng top mo!!! Will have to hunt that down!

  2. Cute yellow top! Yeah, I see color blocking in almost all fashion blogs I follow. I really wanna try. But I am a commuter kasi so I'm afraid the "masa" is not yet ready for it. Hahahaha ~

  3. natouch naman ako! hihihi!! i had a great time bonding with you!!! :) see you sooooon!!!!

  4. Thank you Michelle! :))) Below P200 pa nga ata yan haha :D

    Thank you so much Abbie! :)) Ako cinommute ko lang yang outfitey na yan, keber lang basta di revealing heheheh :))

    Oo naman Reg! :)) Fun to have you around :)) see you tm and sa shoot natin! :D

  5. the neon green belt was the icing on top of the cake! amazing color blocking! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  6. aww happy lemon! nagcrave ako bigla ng coffee with rock salt & cheese! <3

    btw, tagal ko na di nakakavisit ng blog mo! dami ko namiss!:(


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