M is for Man's White Shirt

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

"Make sure it's a real men's shirt, though (or close to it). Tapered, tailored, semifitted women's version take away the cachet and are not quite as chic." - Nina Garcia, The One Hundred

I just LURVE my man's white shirt (I think this one is from Hanes :D)...And I plan to stock on these too-comfy tees in diff colors! Every time I go on a trip, I make sure I at least one loose tee with me...they're easy to play with, just wear a different bottom (from skirt to shorts to pants or leggings)...or different accessories...or even wear it differently (tucked, tied, etc)...You already have a whole new look!

I wore my white tee with my denim shorts and tsinelas from Ipanema on our flight to Caticlan for the Boracay trip I won weeks ago (Thank you to Cinema One, Coke, and Candymag!). I actually have plans on wearing the shirt tucked in a light washed denim skirt, but when I woke up that morning (slept over Ana's place na)...parang tamaaad na tamaaad nako mag dress up! It was too early, I just want to get out of Manila kahit ano pa man tong suot ko. Haha!

Anyway, packed my luggage 2 days before the trip, since I already stayed in my friend's house the day before our flight (para sabay sabay na kami diba, saya! :)) I bought a new smaller luggage just to make sure I do not over-pack, hehe:

When we reached Terminal 3, we saw super loooong lines everywhere! Buti nalang inagahan namin. We looked for Tameme, and I told her na andito si Saab Magalona, nabasa ko twits niya!

We saw Saab in the line for rebookings (sorry stalker mode ako non haha), since I read sa twitter niya na naiwan sila ng plane nila. Didn't attempt to ask for a picture na...Hehehe.

First time to ride with Airphil..
Since super daming tao, hiwahiwalay kami ng seats sa plane. So every time I get up for CR break, ginugulo ko hair ni Tamems pag daan ng aisle, hehehe.

After around an hour of sleep and masakit na tenga...Finally! Caticlan, home of Boracay!
Home Sweet Home! Haha!

True enough, all expense paid trip nga siya! Even our terminal fees sagot ng Coke. Even our transfers from airport to hotel! Lovet!

Our home for 2 Days / 2 Nights (hehehe): Boracay Regency!
Ang sowsyal naman! Pag kami nag Boracay yun kahit kwartong accommodation ok na ok na kami! Solb na! :D

Along with the Cinema One staff, we were welcomed with drinks by the Boracay Regency, sowsyal!

Bullies in Bora yo!

Since it was too early for check-in...we headed to Sea Breeze for the buffet lunch. Kagutom talaga ang early flight!

We were the first one there, hahaha.

Wala na kaagad ang winork out! Hahahahaha!

Bullies conquered Boracay! I love our short but sweet beach trip last Friday to early Sunday morning. Kaya parang 2 Days 2 Nights lang siya talaga, hehehe... Bitin! But we made the most out of our stay there... Can't wait for the part 2 on April 26 with Barx na! :) Ang saya talaga ng summer!!!

Other Ms:
Mad Money
Mary Janes
Minnetonka Moccasin
Missoni Knit
Monogrammed Stationery
Motorcycle Jacket

Special thanks to Cinema One, Coca Cola, and Candy Mag for this trip! :)


  1. Wow! Do you work in Cinema One? :) All expenses paid trips are the best!

  2. Hi Bianca! :) I won their contest lang, super lucky!!! :))) And yes they are the best, sobraaaa!!!

  3. Ana miss na kita!!! I agree with the shirt. I sometimes wear my dad's. =)

  4. ang galing talaga ana!! :D i never thought totoo yung mga all-expense paid trip hahahaa congraaats!

  5. Lucky! I can't wait to go to the beach na. :)

  6. Ang swerte mo naman, Ana! Gusto ko din ng ganyan! :)

    BTW, join my giveaway ha. :)

  7. Nice post Ana! I like your food photos, by the way.

  8. The oysters...*drool* I can actually finish two buckets of that. Haha!

  9. Wow ang saya-sayaaa! Excited na rin ako mag-beeeeach! 8D

    Miss youuuu sis! ♥

  10. I want to go back to Boracay!

    Ang saya naman ng all expense paid trip mo. Tapos may movie premiere pa, di ba? :)


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