And so I'm back!...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

...From outer space! Hahaha! :D

Awkward face:

I am just happy to be happy again. Whoever said that loneliness is overrated has not stepped into the "black hole" I've been to. Worst.View.Of.Life. EVERRR! Haha!

Not the best when it comes to solo pics, hehe.

Fave old white top na lumuwag na dahil over-laba - Julia
Black shorts - Herbench
Favorite wedges from The Pill
Eye glasses - Star Finder
Accessories - Anagon Collection

So today, May 10, I miraculously woke up forgetting that I was sad. I love that feeling. Don't you hate it when you wake up and the first thing that came into your mind are your worries and problems and reasons for sadness? Today, I woke up and the first thing that popped in my head is my sister Cea, because it's her 20+ birthday (haha, nalimutan ko ilang taon siya)...And of course, I thought of Justin Bieber, and how I will miss his concert--something I will regret FOREVER. Hahaha!

I saw my sister at around 8pm already, since everyone had office work, well except me and my mom.

Gave her a new red wallet because she's still using the HK Ocean Park wallet I gave to her last 2009! Haha!

We had our dinner in ATC's Cafe Med. Nakakatawa, eto na talaga ang resto na kahit ano sa menu nila wala sila! :P Sira yun gas nila or something, baked stuff lang daw pwede orderin... Kalurkey! 

New found love: Greek Salad! :)

For the meat-eaters! 
I got the kamatis, though! Sarap with the yogurt sour cream sauce! =P I am a sucker for flavorful foods!

My eggplant parmigiana...Super cheesy and sarap, of course I had to share, everyone loved it!

The only available pizza: Americana. Aka: pepperoni pizza! Hehehe!

Na-attack na yun potato salad before ko pa mapicture-an, hehehe. :P

Over-worked Ate, and cool na cool lang Mom:

Mom and Dad, na ang daming kausap sa telepono that night, hahaha!

Family pic! :) Ako nalang nag iinsist to have one taken for every occasion. :)

Happy birthday, C.E.A! :)

Cea's mango cake from her officemates! :)

Happy birthday bunsoy!

It was a nice day...And I can even say na medyo boring pa nga for the most part of the afternoon. But it was all I've ever be comfortable even when nothing is really going on. I may not have watched you Justin Bieber (huhuhu), but today I'd say I was one less lonely girl. :) 


PS: Have you joined my blog's 2nd birthday giveaway? (will end on May 25)
PPS: Have you joined my Nivea giveaway? (will end this Thursday!)
PPPS: The "tree" na katabi ko in my outfit photos is actually an art project request ni Ate, na dahil dyan may pondo ng Pinoy ako since Bora trip! Hahaha!


  1. Hi Ana. Your outfit is full of win.(clap, clap, clap). Nice pics.

  2. aww happy bday to cea and wow it's ate! hi ate!!:D haha :D namiss ko lang. love that you woke up without the BV thoughts :) I hope it continues and in fair! ang sweet ni sister sa wallet :)

  3. Lin: Thank you so much dear! :))

    Ava: It was great to be "back" :) Sana tuloy tuloy nato :) I'm always praying... And opkooors iba ata pag si bunso! ;) Hehehe! At oo nga noh di na nag active si ate sa blogging!!! :D Miss you beb, enjoy your trip :) <3

  4. I love your blog!!! :D i hope we can follow each other!!

  5. Yay! HB to your sister and that eggplant parmigiana looks so yummy!!!

    Glad you've decided to look on to the brighter side.. :)

    BTW, nanood yun Kuya and pamangkin ko ng JB concert.. Dumating sila sa house na parang na-rape.. Hahahaha! Super dami daw tao but my pamangkin enjoyed it daw..

  6. Thank you Chari T! Visiting your blog NOW :))

    Honey thank yo so much, hope to see you later! OMG nakakatakot dami nga daw nakawan?? :P Pero if nanood ako for sure asa likod na likod lang ako at ala moolah, sayang padin huhu. Ang cute ng pamangkin mo! :)

  7. BTW, HB to your sister. And nakakagutom ang mga foods. Na-miss ko tuloy ang picture-an moment kapag kumakain kame resto with the family. Om nom nom! Look yummy nung mango cake :). I enjoy reading your blog XOXO <3

  8. anaaaa! yay so happy to finally meet you kanina :) oh and happy birthday to her :D cute fam pic!!!


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