Shiny Black Shoes

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In my 25 years on planet earth (hehe), I've shopped for a pair of school shoes roughly around 15 times already. I'As far as I can remember, I've always bought a pair every year...well, except, maybe, if the existing pair of black shoes is still wearable the following school year, or nasira kaagad kalagitnaan palang ng taon. Hehehe.

That's because I went to schools where you have to wear proper (and complete! --kasama ID) uniform:

From high school..

...And even in college!

Although I hate it that it's so hard to look for a nice and comfy black school shoes for my HUGE feet (I always look for the easy-to-wear loafers type), I have to admit I actually miss shopping for back-to-school stuff. Lahat bago, AT lahat LIBRE ni mommy and daddy, hehehe. :)

Now MANELS brand rocks to school by bringing The Darker Side of Black. Manels Leathergoods, the country's pioneer brand in leather, heads into the Back-to-School season with its campaign entitled “Black Rockin' School”. 

“We want to bring the sexy back into black” says Mark Siggaoat, VP for Operations of Manels.

The Manels “Black Rockin' School” collection highlights mid-cut leather boots, rubber-soled oxfords with a sneaker-type finish, and casual loafers for the men. For the ladies, modern mary janes and patent leather finish highlights the collection.

Leather remains at the core of the brand's collection and campaign. Visibly, the store's look for the season takes its cue from vintage 70's punk rock. “We were inspired by that rugged black leather jacket look from the 70's popularized by The Ramones” says Siggaoat. Manels continues to reinvent itself in staying at the forefront of leather footwear since its inception in 1964.

Checkout Manels at all major Metro Manila malls. Checkout their Facebook page at or through Twitter via @marksig_manels. :))

To my student readers (who still wear uniforms to school! :))...Happy back-to-school shoe shopping! :)


  1. awwww st. scho complete uniform! no ID no entry, bawal ang loosely tucked blouse, at bawal ang low waist! =P namiss ko bigla ang high school!

  2. i miss shopping for black shoes!

  3. Hihi namimiss ko din girls! :)))

  4. At parang bawal ang too much accessories sa st scho tama ba? hehe

    bat di ko makita si LJ sa class picture nio nung college? :))

  5. Hay nako tinago yan for sure ni Foz, yung nakaspread ang kamay ng bongga hahahah :D Anjan si LJ nyan! :D And yes denvie daming bawal dun haha :D Pero ok din! :)

  6. Nice to know that you're a fellow Kulasa!!! Spent my college days there tho...=)


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