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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Joining Tamems in her BPI client meeting in Alabang

Visiting Tamems in her office in BPI near St. Scho

Random Greenbelt gimmick post-college

Macau trip

Photo ops galore in Macau

Shoppingeras in Hong Kong <3

SBC in Katipunan

Job hunt days

Christmas 2008

Cabuyao swimming trip

Make up sessions for blog events

"officemates" in a one week PR raket in Makati

22nd Birthday Eve

Pre-Hong Kong trip packing and tripod testing

Coffee in Starbucks BF

Shopping day again!

Marj's birthday

Basement with Geo

My view when you want me to dance, or just stand. :) <3

May 26, 2011

Dear Tamems,

Thank you for all the things you've said and done to me during those days I needed someone the most. I know I wasn't the easiest person to deal with dahil matigas ang ulo ko...but through the years I noticed you're always the last person who will stay with me till I'm well again. Thank you for your time and effort and understanding, and for telling me na "Tagal na nating friends, ngayon pa ako hindi magiging kaibigan sayo? Siyempre hindi diba?" I always feel assurance and love whenever you say that to me.

Thank you also for always being proud of my achievements whenever you introduce me to your friends. You never fail to do that, and although I always feel small, your surprising praises to people I don't even know make me feel that the things I do are all worth it. You're not only a self-confessed reader of my blog, you're also always there to make me pretty during my blog events by volunteering your time and make up skills just to show your support for my unconventional activities. 

I really appreciate the talks and laugh trips and even embarrassing stories we can share with each other, because really, there's nothing to hide already from two old-time friends. And although we sometimes abuse this and we tend to squabble na para tayong aso't pusa..Maybe it's because we are not afraid to lose each other even when we don't always have to put our best foot forward.

And with saying my piece, I wouldn't wonder why you have sooo many friends, Tamems. Because you are a real person with a genuine heart. You still show your care and compassion to people even after they've hurt you. I know God and your dad is smiling at you right now, because they've done a great job with bringing up such a beautiful person. 

I love you, and I hope you know you aren't just a "second in line" or "eps lang" for me, like what you've told me days ago. Because you are one of my priorities. I guess if there's a reason why I still laugh these days, it's because of you (And Vice Ganda, of course, haha!). I am just happy that I have a friend in you, and I'm sure that people reading this now will go jealous because it's not easy to find someone like you. 




  1. happy birthday to your dear friend. :) both of your are lucky to have each other! :)

    - iya

  2. cheers to bff's! happy bday tamems! hehe :)

  3. Sweeeeeeet :) Happy birthday Tamems! ♥♥

  4. Iya - thank you so much, that's so sweet of you : ) <3 I will always feel that im the lucky one :)

    Thank you Sarah! :) Yes, cheers!!!

    Krissy: Thank youuu!!! :) I'll tell her, hehe!!: )

  5. Happy birthday!!! :) Too sweet!

  6. Thank you michelle :) <3 I'll tell tamems your greetings to her! :)

  7. Pretty smiles. You should smile more!

  8. Happy birthday, Me-an!!! :D

    Glad to know you're well na, Ana. :)

  9. aww you're the sweetest ana!! :) i enjoyed looking at all those photos of you two together! you've been to so many places and i'm sure more are still in store in the future! :) happy birthday to her!


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