Putting on a Yellow Thinking Hat*

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

"I was actually feeling kind of delighted about all the compartments of time and space that were appearing in my days, during which I could ask myself, "What do you want to do, Liz?" 

Most of the time...I didn't even dare answer the question, but just thrilled privately to its existence. And when I finally started to answer, I did so cautiously. I would only allow myself to express little baby-step wants." 
(Eat Pray Love)

So many things I want to do now, I am making my pitaka nervous. I wouldn't dare though stop myself from life's little pleasures. Besides, I am on a "Yes Man!" mode as I entertain myself through these whole time-space-me time appreciation-eat pray love shiznit. 

Yesterday, I went with Krissy and Ate Mae to a hats supplier located in faraway Marikina. Krissy invited me few days ago because she just knows how much I love hats! It's my addiction, kahinaan ko talaga when I see pretty hats! :P And also, since my Monday is free rin naman, I said yes!

Lunch and catch up with Krissy in Pizza Hut Bistro, Gateway:
Aka "The Meeting"--Hihi!

I ordered the yummy 3-Cheese Ravioli:

And a "fake coffee":

We met Ate Mae in Anonas area, and then we had the commute of our lives--riding jeeps, FX and tricycles just to get here:
They discovered this place via a tag in the hat Krissy bought during the Pahiyas festival. Eto yun supplier so we were expecting na mas mura pa dito! :)

When we entered the showroom, we didn't know which hats wall and area to go through first!
In short, nabaliw nako!
photo from krissy

We love trying on the craziest hats!

Much like these three mannequins, hehe!

I love pillbox and fascinators...

They have this old classy feel! Decided I should get one of these for myself, also another one for my wedding client, Mini of The Fashion Police online shop:

Bonggang pang Royal Wedding hat choice of Ate Mae:

Floppy hats <3

Krissy looking through all the stacks of hats for a pretty find on a bargain:

This side contains the fanciest hats! I want the ones with unique and even weird shapes! :P

I love the people of Lucban Hats, they're very accommodating, and pwede mag picture picture!
Decided to get this black and white fascinator! :)

They also let us try out hats upon hats, and hindi yung tipong bantay sarado kami!
Para kaming bata, hehe!

photo from krissy

I love this top hat, parang feeling ko ako na si Mad Hatter (aka Johnny Depp my asawa).. Hehehe:
Good thing Ate Mae and Krissy pressured me to get this, I bought this ng kahit hindi ko alam saan namang bonggang okasyon ko siya gagamitin (sa next meet up siguro, pwede, haha)...I just knew I have to have this Top Hat--kahit display lang siya sa room ko for me to admire. Plus, it didn't cost me too much! (Mura lang hats dun, maliban sa tawadera din talaga ako hehe)

Another fancy hat I'd love to have in my collection :P Carry nang pang next bloggers event, haha! 
Babalikan kita!

Fedoras and other native and straw hats...

If I only bought enough puhunan with me, I'll get lots of these for Anagon Collection!

Cute floppy hat with flat top and polka dots ribbon! Parang boater hat na floppy!

Uuuuy mga di makapili! Hehehe!

Parang nagkaroon na kami ng on-the-spot photo shoot dun! ;P *kilig*

Nagpalpitate ako ng bongga when I saw these big, sturdy, classy boxes for hats. <3

They use this type of packaging when they export their hats to other parts of the continent. Australia, Europe, America are just some of the countries they already reached!

Tuloy ang fitting! :P Can't decide what to bring home!

Aside from the B&W fascinator and the Blue Top Hat, I also got a pillbox in old rose.
Stewardess mode ang tema, hehe:

Lampshade ang peg, haha! Will get this next time, sobrang rare!

One last look of the hats I will be leaving behind, huhu.

We spent hours there, we didn't even notice na uhaw na uhaw na kami, haha. I also forgot other concerns outside these gates even for awhile...It was a good day :)
Dress - Ukay
Espadrilles - Cotton On (gift from ate)
Brown Fringe Bag - Hong Kong Market

Happy kids and their loots!
photo from ate mae

We rode more public transpo to reach LRT2, and said goodbye to my dear Krissy. I've only known Ate Mae as Krissy's friend, and even thought workmates sila. That afternoon though, I find her interesting as someone who was once a vocalist of a mainstream local band, now works as English teacher to Korean students, and is a photographer extraordinaire (check out pic namin ni Krissy above <3).

Ate Mae and I decided to hangout a bit in Gateway's Coffee Bean:

She bought this cake for us, yey libre! ;) Haha!

It's nice to hear her stories, and I actually learned a lot from her. I think it's good to talk with someone who has "been there done that", and mature enough to give me pieces of advice on life in general. Ate Mae is a wise woman I admire for all the things she has been through.. The stereotype talk in a coffee shop was put into life late last night when we had this bonding time. :) 

It was a long and tiring field trip, but I am just grateful that I felt happiness again. I was texting my friend that night how I enjoyed my day in Hats Heaven, and also my talks with people like Krissy and Ate Mae. I also told her that I am scared things might fall apart for me again (masaya ngayon, iiyak uli bukas). Then she brutally replied with all the honesty of being a real friend that this is not something I can't easily avoid. But I must not be afraid and get tired of picking up these pieces again.

Day by day! :)

*Yellow Thinking Hat - Being Positive and Optimistic (see other thinking hats here)


  1. One step at a time :)

    Here's to more happy and yellow thinking hat days, sis! Love you ♥

  2. bongga talaga nung haaaats! saw this at krissy's post, will visit that store talaga! para saan pang naging taga-marikina ako? haha! good to know these hats made you really happy! para makalimutan muna ang ibang anxieties. =)

  3. Ohhhh... I love their packaging for export. Akala ko yun din ang sa inyo. Hehe! The hats are sooo pretty. Nakakalula nga sa dami ng choices.

  4. Love the pillbox in old rose, so chic. :) Thanks for posting, Ana.

  5. Krissy: Thank you! :) I pray na no more black thinking hat hehehe, and sana hindi ako mapagod :P Mwah! To more fieldtrips!

    Ghoent: Hihihi thank you so much a, and oo punta ka dun swerte taga marikina ka!!! :D

  6. Rose: Kung pwede lang humingi!! :D Hehehe! :D But feel ko ichacharge kami niyan hehe :D Nakakalula nga, ang daming dapat balikan :P Hay, hats! :) <3 hehe!

    Trendy Karen: Thank you so much too for reading! :) Yey I really love the pillbox hats <3 Kainlove everything, nahirapan ako mag decide sa color :)

  7. Slowly but surely is always the way to go.
    Life's a cycle. And yes don't be afraid of anything. Hindi talaga laging happiness, marami talagang challenges. Once you learn to accept that, you can easily go by.
    (Naku may sense kaya to?:P)

    Sus. Emogon nga! Haha! Love the hats! Makapunta nga din dyan! Buti may address sa gate! Haha

  8. woah..gorgeous hats! :) i also wanna be there soon!

    awesome blog btw, new follower here ;)

  9. Den: Hay nako ako nga yun, emogon, nakakapagod hahaha ;P Pero good vibes lang gv gv gv!!! :) Hehehe! :) Yesss asa gate lang ang mahiwagang address! :) Punta na! Mabait sila the best hehee!!

    Rizza! Hi! :) Welcome to my blog, super thank you for visiting and following a! :) Yes do drop by super sulit ang punta , ok pa ang price range for pretty hats...Plus Go Pinoy pa ang tema hihi :) see you more often here! :)

  10. Gaganda ng hats! Gusto ko din! :)

  11. Nariese: Punta na! :D Murang muraaa! Hahaha! Tindera mode on!

    Michelle: Go go go! :) Super worth it the travel time :)))


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