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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

It all started with this website called Pretty Thingamajigs

It's actually an online shop of a girl named Kristel "Krissy" Cruz, one of those people who reached out to me through my online shop Anagon Collection. Krissy told me she got an Anagon accessory from her OJT boss-slash-thesis adviser..Who turned out to be my classmate Mel's mom. Sa isip ko, sa kanila pala napunta yung nag haul si Mel ng accessories ko sa classroom, hehe.

We were seller-buyer then:

Personal MessageurgentJun 7, '07 8:17 PM
by Kristel Ann for users anagonzales and purpleazureskye
sis! i lost my fone yesterday.. nasnatch sa bus huhu.. kaya sorry kung nagtetext ka pa.. 
i was in a daze tlaga yesterday.. you cannot contact me thru my old number anymore.. 
pls reply ka na lang dito.. next week pa ko makakabili, sana dumating agad sweldo.. 
huhu.. thanks sis!

Then she started her business too. Krissy's message to me regarding consigning my accessories to her own online shop :) Ahhh...good times!

Personal Messagehey sis! :)Apr 9, '07 7:33 AM
by Pretty for users anagonzales and prettythingamajigs
hey sis, what's your YM id? can we chat re our business deal? :)

kristel ♥

Nakakatuwa balikan, ang formal pa natin Krissy hahaha:

anagonzales wrote on Apr 9, '07
Hey sis!
It's okay with me :-)
Astig naman, your biz is growing with all the consignment offers!!! :-)
I'd love to have my own store soon..near ust or any school..puhunan lang tlga and the works...
im not really familiar hehe. Yuck nagkwento na here e noh!?hihi!
Anyway, i'm ok with that, basta call the products padin by the brand name (anagon collection) :-) .
.and basta its ok with your friend din, then lets get this business growing!!!
God blessie! :-0

purpleazureskye wrote on Apr 9, '07
yay! thanks sis! i'm sure ok din kay paula un :)
of course i will retain the name of your site ;)
hey sis, email me pics na of your products and also
your logo, i have an ad on my mind na! haha :)
kakatuwa kasi most of my buyers PM me saying ang
cute ng stuff ko, kaya happy ako na madadagdagan pa
ng items mo ♥
yey goodluck satin! 

(Ang galing, namention mo na pala sa akin before si Paula, sis! :D)

Then we started commenting on each others' blogs...

old school krissy photo from her former blog. :) don't kill me for posting this sis, hihi!

Excerpt from Krissy's blog entry titled Lucky Lucky Me, April 17, 2007:
"My very talented soul sister (passionate writer, dreams to work for Summit Media,  wears glasses) Ana Gonzales or Anagon signed me up as a dealer. She is now one of my business partners, and orders for her pretty, affordable, and super unique accessories *another shameless plugging* haven't stopped pouring in! :) Tomorrow I will drop off an order at SM Manila because the owner of several franchises of Fruitas bought some stuff from my shop. :)"

Yup, we both interned for Summit, our dream company, but on different times:
"When 5:30 came, I started arranging my things. I said goodbye to Ms. Marcie and told her it's my last day. I was surprised because when she asked me if I enjoyed my stay there, I suddenly burst into tears! I'm such a crybaby, it's really embarassing. And I couldn't stop my tears. Everyone wished me goodluck and I was so touched. I just felt so happy I was able to achieve my highschool dream. And I wasn't disappointed." - Krissy's Blog

anagonzales wrote on Mar 15, '07
Hi sis! I love the ring! I have a fancy dark blue version of that and it really is a happy gift :-) haha!
I also interned for Summit last summer, and naging cry baby din ako nung last day ko na! oooh...i'll also never forget din the Summit guards na super bait!
i also want to work for Summit I guess I'll see you (hopefully!!!) around? :-) hihi!

Anyway, from online, we started becoming "real life" friends. :) We even planned on an e-mag called Lipgloss years ago. We weren't able to push through, though we already had plans, and even bought a domain already. Sayang kasi this would have meant going for our First Love and PASSION, even if it meant going for it in another medium and form. 

A "meet up" to talk about Lipgloss, our supposed online magazine that didn't pushed through.
Beatle-hair pa ako nito, oha! Haha!

We live at opposite poles of Metro Manila, but once in a while we meet up and try out different activities together...Like joining a WRITING WORKSHOP for 3 sessions in Power Books Megamall:

We love nail colors! :D

We also watched the Eraserheads final concert together:

Kahit si AI's Jason Castro di namin pinalagpas! Hehe!

Eventually, blogging and events made for bloggers became a hit, we met lots of new people from the WWW, but Krissy and I are still in touch and closer than ever. :) We invite each other on events where we can bring a plus 1...

Go to each other's special day like birthdays...

Or just hangout on a normal lazy day...and EAT--our favorite activity. Well, next to TALKING ;)

Go out to watch a movie...

Meet artistas (hehe)..

...And basically, do things normal "offline" friends do! :) 
In this photo (from yesterday), we were actually planning the rise of a new website/blog collab of Anagon and Krissy...a blog we baptized with the name "FASHION COMPASS". 

"I guess we were meant to do this"

Just recently, I moved this blog to Personal category in I realized I've been posting personal (Emogon) stories that aren't even fashion related, while my peers in Fashion and Beauty category post outfit photos almost everyday. I guess this is also a part of my quarter-life crisis, haha. This brought Krissy to the idea of bringing back Lipgloss again...with a different name. A separate fun blog of The Fashionista Commuter and Krissyfied where we can place our many fashion stories. :)

Why Fashion Compass? This blog is about two girls who live on the opposite sides of the MRT. "This is Fashion Compass (where North meets South, and everywhere in between) - because in fashion, there are no wrong directions."

Other than that, I feel that a compass brings direction to someone who is lost. I am an open book in this blog how I am searching myself again, and I guess one of the many steps to take is to realize what I've always wanted to do from way back. :)

from my high school year book, around 8 or 9 years ago already! :D

Thanks Krissy for making me realize this. Although I am still swimming in a murky sea of bv thoughts and happenings, things like this one (a collab project!) is somehow giving me something to look forward to.

To friendships and going after your dreams!
Do support Fashion Compass! Hope to see you there! :)


  1. Wow! nakakatuwa naman basahin ito. will support your new venture! Cheers to friendship! :)

  2. Ohmygosh naiyak naman ako =,)

    Thank you so much sis!!! I am glad and happy and thankful God made us meet :) Love you! Cheers to Fashion Compass and more years of friendship!! :)

  3. congrats and goodluck! =) super like the name and the meaning of fashion compass. tis really inspiring to see dreams being followed. Go girls! =)

  4. Love you sis! :) Sisters in blogging forever! :) <3

    Ghoent: Thank you so much a :) All your love and support for my blogs mean a lot to me :) <3

  5. love the meaning of FASHION COMPASS! I will definitely check this out! :)

  6. Thank you Denise...Super thanks so much for supporting us! :) <3

  7. awww, how cute! you guys have a lovely story. i'll definitely check out the new blog :)

  8. Thank you idol sarah! :) Yey thanks in advance for supporting our new blog! :))

  9. i read every word talaga! and I followed agad when I saw the link! Good luck you guys! :D


    PS- We're having a clearance sale! Check it out at MeTime Manila

  10. Hi Ana! So nice to hear about the history of how you and Krissy met! Congratulations again and i am excited to see where Fashion Compass will take you! :)

  11. Michelle thankyou so much! :) <3 Natouch naman akech hihi :) Thank you for supporting our blog!


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