Tumbling Thursday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

What a busy/on-the-go day I had yesterday! 

Anyhooo...So I went out in the morning wearing my white Advan rain boots and hot pink Giordano "kapote", and braved Falcon to go to my events. I was late for the Coke 10am event (huhu), so I just waited for my my beb Ava in Greenbelt 3 Starbucks:

I love the sweet Starbucks Cake Pop! It was my first time to try it when the barista asked "Do you want to try our pastries?". I had the barista suggest what flavor I should get. Same with my drink...I asked if ano pang masarap at palagi nalang akong brewed coffee. The barista suggested white chocolate daw, natuwa ako kasi hindi siya nairita sa pag oorder ko haha. Wala akong sariling decision yesterday, haha.

At around 11am, Ava and I walked from Greenbelt to Filipinas Heritage Library to attend the Tang Galing Event. It was an inspiring morning, and overloaded kami ng great food from Via Mare! Will blog about this event more on my next posts. Thank you to my college classmate Jules for having us!

Went back to Landmark, and Ava had to leave na for school (super sipag! :)). Strolled around, when Krissy texted that they're already there (she was with her office friends Frank and Mich). We waited in Mcdo GB for our next event: Sebago! Ang sarap ng ichura ng order ni Krissy...Perfect sa tag-ulan!

With Krissy at the artista-filled Sebago event in Greenbelt 5. Thank you Ed for having Fashion Compass! Yey! Watch out din for my post on this affair! :)

The event just ended, when my high school friend BB (Chicks) called me if I can meet her na. I thought our hangout that night was already cancelled because of the walang tigil walang kapagurang ulan. But I was excited to see her na, also Alli! :) I miss my girls so so much!!!

Strike 2 na kami na "Forever 21 Shopping Trip" ang plan, but we ended up just EATING! Hahaha! We had dinner in Glo's Food Choices (para tipid, at variety nadin, hehe):

My favorite here, di ba obvious? Haha!

Uy may KILIG dito sa tabi!!!! Hahaha! I miss you high school Alli, ftw! Haha! ;)

My BB and "super friend"--a name I remembered Alli coining for the two of us 4 years ago, hahaha! Ako na ang mahilig sa titles and magbigay ng nicknames! ;)

We had to leave after a few hours because the rain was scaring our parents, panay ang tawag at text na! I left, though, with a grateful heart for friends like Chickie and Alli. They always make me smile with their stories, and also, they make me feel nice about myself when they give their support with my own kwentos. Ahhh..Friends! God's gift to us! :)

What I wore: (Thanks Ava for the photo!)
I love this mint tunic I bought in the Landmark last summer! I wore this before as beach cover up, pero nasabihan pa ako ng isang lalaki kung "nabili mo ba yan sa India?" na parang nang iinis. Pakeelamero! Haha! But I still love it! Wore my tassels black belt courtesy of SM, and my H&M black booties! I wanna boho-hippie dance with this outfitey, na may matching waving ng kamay sa langit! Hahaha!

Dancing Gypsies Photo Source

Wrote too much blog entries today, but I felt so productive! Tag-ulan kasi, ang lamig parang naka aircon ako while typing here in my room. I realized di ko pa nga inoopen yun bentilador ko since kaninang umaga! :D

My Museo Pambata Wednesday morning trip with 50 kids from Payatas.

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This morning, I got a text from Air21 that they'll be shipping something today and I must make sure someone's home to receive the package (part to ng service nila, cool noh?). I slept again and woke up for lunch, when I saw a package from NIVEA! :D

What a generous brand! As posted in my Facebook page: Spoiled to death by NIVEA for Women Philippines! =) ♥ Thank you!!!! In this kind of weather, better to moisturize moisturize moisturize!
Can't wait to use them! :)

On an unrelated note, have you seen this commercial? :D

Gawin Mong Light, Emperador's new a subject of inside joke sa Crazy Gonzales hahaha! Dad thought "Orange Lemons" ang kumanta ng song when they heard this in the morning radio on their way to work, winning Cea McDo fries hehehe. ;D Patawa lang, but when you think about it, may sense yung ad jingle a! :) Pag may situation... Gawin mong light!

Reading BV tweets, "hate the rain" status in FB, sad faces, etcetera, but I felt unmoved today. I got so much love comments, personal messages, and even blessed with gifts, that I can't afford to sulk with the weather. As tweeted earlier:

 Ana Gonzales 

Takot ako makampante, but right now, I just want to be happy.


PS: Stay safe guys! <3


  1. Aww, beb! love this entry! ANg dami mo palang ginawa noh! haha and wow mukhang masarap ang pops sa starbucks!:) Also, congrats with the hauterfly collab! Love it parang magazine lang ang peg!:D

  2. You're getting there sis, so happy for you! <333

    Have you seen the photos Frank uploaded na? weeeeeh meron kami dun ng aking bagong crush... na may crush din sa akin HAHAHHAHA!

    Srsly, look at the photos, galing! :)

  3. I soooooo love your outfit!!!!

  4. You look so pretty, Ana! I love how you matched the belt with the dress. And the boots are extremely covetable. I'm happy you had accomplishing days; I think it keeps the soul happy.

    Take care!

    x sPam of frou-frou

  5. ava: imagine if nag estee pa tayo! hehehe :) nice to have a "date" uli with you, namiss kita :)

    krissy: thank you so much, pray for me..sorry selfish hehe :) love you and thank you sa friendship :) <3

    michelle: yey! mk olsen inspired, i guess! :)

    pam thank you so much, i miss you, hope youre doing great too loves, buti youre blogging uli! :) hope to see more of you!


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