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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I was reading the latest Kerygma yesterday while riding the bus going to my first stop: Museo Pambata. It was a productive travel time reading inspirational words from Bo Sanchez and his writers. I want to share some of them to you:

- Don't be too hard on yourself.

- Because I would focus on my weaknesses. I would focus on my sins. And the more I focused on my sins, the more I did them. Until I became addicted to them.

- There are two kinds of guilt: demonizing guilt and detoxifying guilt. The first guilt demonizes you. When you sin, demonizing  guilt says, "You're bad. There's nothing good in you." The second guilt detoxifies you. It separates the sin from the sinner. When you sin, detoxifying guilt says, "This isn't you. You're better than this. Stand up. Move on!"

- This temporary stall in your career is not God's rejection of your desires but a "re-direction" towards the next level of blessing.

- In your brokenness and woundedness, you will discover your gifts.

- I do not claim that I am completely healed from all the traumas of the past...But healing can take a lifetime, and every day is a baby step towards my recovery.

-Remember: Forgiveness is first of all a gift you give yourself. I forgave because I wanted peace.

- Don't be shocked, but anger is the first stage of forgiveness. You have to admit the hurt. You have to acknowledge the pain.

- Anger has an expiration date....If anger stays too long in your heart, anger no longer heals but kills. When anger turns into bitterness, it's poison.

- You decide to forgive. The key word is decide. It's not about feeling but about willing.

Hope you are blessed with these words as much as I am! :)

My parents are active in The Feast Alabang (south version of Bo Sanchez group)...that's why I became involved with the website. Did you know I am also blogging for :) I only have two articles up, but hope you do checkout the site from time to time. My dream now is to write for Kerygma, as in regularly write for this inspiring print medium!

On another note, here are the happenings from yesterday:

First stop: Museo Pambata

I can't remember the last time I set foot here, but yesterday, I went to this educational tour with KIDS Foundation to represent the Bloggers United team. 

I so envy the guy in green. Sana nag teacher ako ng preschool, super nakakamiss Pandacan days in high school when I teach the children how to sing Ang Mga Ibon, with matching strumming pa ng gitara! Where did my guitar skillz go? :P

With Ms. Rox of KIDS Foundation! She's super accommodating :)

Yep, pintuan yun bibig hehehe:

The two boys assigned to me. They're actually one of the oldest in the bunch:

CUTE! Ang kulet!

Amazed by the works of the car, eh? :)

Pasaway! Haha! Ginawang soccer ball yung giant dice! :P Pero super tawa lang ako ng tawa! =)

After a few hours, I left for a lunch meeting with my wedding client. 

We ate in Ayala Triangle's Amici, while discussing final plans for the wedding items. Excited ako! I will try to train an "Ate" for this, para I can start "growing" my business by making it naduduplicate, hehe! It's about time!

Right after, I went to Glorietta, strolled around, bought stuff in Carolinas, then had a coffee break in Bizu:
"Coffee breaks make me happy" :)

When I felt "anxiety attack" lurking again (nagbabanta ba)...I stopped, sat down, and ordered pretty and super sarap foods to set my mind on something else...GV lang ;)
 Rose Macaron and Rose Champagne Truffle <3

I hope I wouldn't get too "cozy" with this tambayan, I'd love to try other cafe, pero minsan may favoritism ako pag nag enjoy ako masyado sa food and service, hehe! :) Love the royal purple couches pa!

Before heading home, decided to spend my SM Accessories gift cards for some retail therapy:
 Dark brown fringe bag! Check out my haul HERE! :)

I also received gifts from Wise Buy--sent via courier! I love surprises! :D

There! Going to events today, hope the weather will cooperate, takot ako ma-puddle moment uli (eek :P)...Hoping for a great day! :) See you tomorrow! ;) Hehe!


  1. Such a nice post to read first thing in the morning. very light and positive! i love bizu too, i used to be addicted to their afternoon tea :)

  2. Alala ko pa yung Kerygma. Required kami basahin yan dati sa high school. :-)

    Love the purse you got though. :-)

  3. love the bag! hihi... miss you ana! mwah!

    New Blog:

  4. Sarah: Thank you! :) I hope tuloy tuloy na ang light and happy days :) All the best, idol! :)

    Michelle: hahaha ang cute ! kami Sarangola yun required mag hihi...

    Diane: cool bag noh! at p400, grabe i died, hihihi :D miss you too dear, take care :)

  5. I also experienced Anxiety Attack :( Those quotes above really touch me (I wrote it na nga) I like this one "Don't be too hard on yourself"

    Glenn of Gencified

  6. I love writing quotes that touch me din, Glenn :) I pray for our "inner peace" :) "Anxiety Attacks" are underrated, hindi pala siya easy pissy thing to encounter. :P God bless dear!


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