Weekend Affairs

Monday, June 13, 2011

With Hauterfly owner Ann

Zentea in UST

Soundtrip by the field

Stroll around my Alma Mater

Had Kuya Guard take my photo by the arc

Parang asa abroad lang!

The famous lovers lane! Hehe!

Go Uste!

A wedding!

Lunch date with friends I met through UAAP games!

At Hanayo, a Korean resto!

Ickay and Vany <3

Dinner with my college friends at Bugsys Makati

Lychee Tini

Cords, Zsa, Jam, and Chai :-)

Chai treated us with a flamin drink!

Kawawa ang dry throat, haha!

Fun Independence Day Run with Tamems and the Lazo family in MOA

It was a hectic weekend, it felt like I was twirling and twirling the whole time...In toe shoes! Haha! Went to La Salle Saturday morning to pick up accessories I lent for the fashion show, and delivered them to Ortigas naman for the Hauterfly/Gold Dot collab shoot. 

I left everything and went back to Manila in UST to meet my friends from UAAP games Vany and Ickay. Was there a bit early, so I decided to go around my old campus. Fine weather and, since weekend, not a lot of students were there so I was able to relish the quiet times of being back in my roots. I missed UST, and I can still imagine walking there in my AB uniform, ngayon wala na akong makakasalubong na kakilala. :/ A church visit also made my day, visiting the walls which heard so much of my stories. 

Met my UAAP friends in Hanayo, a Korean resto. After a few updates, I had to leave to meet my college friend Jam so we can go together in Greenbelt to watch Kung Fu Panda. We were 5 minutes late, bought tickets for 3D show, and sat sa piiiinaka likod and corner, but we had fun! 

With great timing, Zsa fetched us from Greenbelt to Bugsys, where the college clique spent the night eating, drinking, and telling our stories--both happy, sob, or kalokohan lang. Called it a night when Zsa dropped us back to Greenbelt, where I met Tamems, Ana, Ava, and Geo. Fun run on a Sunday morning with Tamems, imagine nakainom and 3am na nakauwi night before...And call time for the Independence Day run in MOA was 5am! Haha! We were there 6am, few minutes before run started! Mcdo breakfast after the liberating run. :)

It was a looong weekend, and I hope my body's not complaining too much, haha. DLSU Centennial Bazaar starts today...A week long thing Anagon Collection will be participating in! I hope the girls will still support my business, a comeback of some sort! :) Pray for me!!!

Did a little "ritual" / ceremony thingie last night declaring the end of bad vibes and insecurities and fears, etcetera. Things happened, and I really pray it's a different phase already. Leaving you all with this Kung Fu Panda quote that stuck in my head:

“Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that doesn’t make you who you are, it is the rest of your story, who you choose to be.”

Have a great week guys!


  1. I'm glad you had a great weekend! These pictures are amazing!
    I miss you so very much!!


  2. Hi! following you here! love your blog! hope to meet you soon. :)


  3. aww i miss ust! spent a year there. :D btw goodluck with the bazaar ana! =)

  4. Wooow! I can believe you did all those things within 24 hours!

    Good luck with your week! :-)

  5. Whoa :D Super fun weekend! Ms. Ana, I hope I could meet you din the next time you visit USTe :D Hehe


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