Smart X HTC Event

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Met up with Krissy and her friends Ed and Frank last night for the SMART X HTC event in Opus.

Enjoyed the unlimited drinks (and shots! :D)...

...good food... (love the eggplant with cream cheese!)

And witnessed the unveiling of HTC phones!!! The program hosted by the beautiful Sarah Meier: 

More drinks? Haha!

What a crazy night! I think I know 5 people who got themselves a new HTC phones!!! Via raffle! 

One of them is my sisterette Reg:

The gorgeous Earth:

My sister Krissy!!!

...And Ed!! :D
May interview pa talaga si Ed! Haha!! :)

The lucky ones:  
They got different HTC units!

Spent the rest of the night partying with my other blogger sisters!

photo from aivan magno

"The new HTC ChaCha offers a new unique way to experience Facebook on a mobile device to communicate with your circle of friends on a brand new level," said Lannard Hoornik, President, HTC South Asia Pacific.

Two respective industry leaders, SMART and HTC, have formed a formidable partnership to bring the best products in the Philippines.

More on SMART X HTC to be posted on our Fashion Compass blog entry soon!

Didn't go home right away, spent more time with my blog friends in good ol' McDo! :)
With Melai, Aivan, Ed, Mich, Pax, and Krissy! :)

The outfitey:
Love Ring and Cheetah Print Scarf - available in Anagon Collection
Black Sack Dress - Ukay
Clogs - Courtesy of Manels
Bag - Dooney and Burke

Ang peg:
photo from olsen anonymous blog

And siyempre ang ring:

photo from kylie minogue's twitter

Always fun times when with my blog friends. Thank you SMART and HTC for this bonggang event, everyone had a blast! ;) Till next!

Clear photos were taken by Frank, thanks!


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun! :) Thanks for dropping by my blog, Ms. Ana! xx

  2. Ang swerte naman nila! :) Gusto ko ang peg mo, Ana!

  3. Sarah: Super lucky people!!! :D Sana ako next event ehhehe :D

    Emz: Thank you sooo much!!! <3

    Valerie: Love your blog mwah :)

    Nariese: Thankyouuuu! Mk forevah hahaha :D

  4. can i just say. i totally love your scarf?!?!?

    that's so pretty...


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